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Fox: We must reconnect with Thatcherites
The Conservatives must reconnect with voters who rallied to the party under Margaret Thatcher, former Cabinet minister Liam Fox will argue today.

Holyrood to debate press charter
SCOTLAND'S response to plans to regulate the press with a Royal Charter are to be debated at Holyrood.

Johnson quip as brother is hired
BORIS Johnson has expressed delight that there is "finally a Johnson in No 10".

Salmond leads tributes after death of politician
THE flags at Holyrood are at half-mast in mourning for one of the Parliament's own, the SNP's Brian Adam, who was hailed by the First Minister as "an outstanding politician, a fine human being and a dear friend".

Concern at tax switch delay
THE Conservatives have claimed uncertainty over details of the replacement for stamp duty could delay or scare off major investment in Scotland.

Miliband blasts Unite leader
Ed Miliband has slapped down the leader of Labour's biggest trade union donor, accusing him of disloyalty and a "reprehensible" attempt to divide the party.

Galloway's support for Miliband
GEORGE Galloway has endorsed Ed Miliband, saying he wants to see the Labour leader as Prime Minister, "the sooner the better".

Newspapers face losing millions if they reject press regulation scheme
NEWSPAPERS face losing £4 million in taxpayer-funded Scottish Government public notices if they refuse to join a new press regulation scheme, MSPs have been told.

Unemployment among women rises to 25-year high
WOMEN'S unemployment is rising to a 25-year high while men's is falling, leading to a female unfriendly labour market, new research says.

Council tax rise could help ease reforms impact
LABOUR has called for an end to the council tax freeze in Scotland as a radical way of fighting the effects of a "bedroom tax" and other welfare reforms.

Neil faces snub at alcohol pricing meeting
HEALTH Secretary Alex Neil is walking into a euro-snub today as he takes the message on minimum alcohol pricing to Brussels.

Balls trails Osborne in poll
Ed Miliband pledged not to ditch Ed Balls after a poll suggested more people have faith in Chancellor George Osborne on the economy.

Coalition in veto warning over currency union plans
THE Coalition will today send the strongest signal yet that the UK could veto a currency union with an independent Scotland as the "significant economic risks" would be too great for it to bear.

Thatcher 'plotted to defeat miners'
Margaret Thatcher began plotting to defeat the coal miners from the day she took office, according to her official biography published today.

Lords critical of proposal to opt out of European policing measures
BRITAIN'S security would be adversely affected in a significant way if the UK Government went ahead with opting out of a raft of European police and justice measures, a highly critical House of Lords report has said.


Scotsman - Politics Feed

Ukip candidate suspended over anti-semitic comments

A UK Independence Party candidate has been suspended after reportedly posting anti-Semitic comments on a conspiracy theory website, it has been disclosed.

Leaders: Pensions questions must be answered

For too long, vital questions on how pensions would be funded and administered in an independent Scotland have been pushed aside as arcane, too complex or too boring in the political battle over the referendum.

Joyce McMillan: The crowning insult for some Scots

Offering the Queen’s successor a Scottish coronation may push many towards republicanism, writes Joyce McMillan

Tom Peterkin: Miliband faces summer of discontent

AT A time when our television screens are still recovering from the onslaught of archive footage of Trades Union agitation in the 1970s and 1980s, Ed Miliband is having to deal with some discontent of his own.

George Kerevan: Economic time bomb still ticking

When government policy is based on doing anything rather than doing nothing then disaster looms, writes George Kerevan

David Wood: Pensions across the divide

The independence vote will have profound ramifications for pensions, public or private, with vital issues to be addressed as people plan life after work, writes David Wood

Scottish independence: Pension warning for SNP

BUSINESSES could be faced with a multi-billion-pound pension bill to finance private retirement schemes in an independent Scotland, the body representing the country’s accountants has warned.

Benefits victims in debt can access £7.4m fund

A NEW £7.45 million fund has been set up to help people struggling with debt and other problems because of benefit changes.

Government losing millions through tax loop holes

MAJOR accountancy firms are using “insider knowledge” gained from staff seconded to the Treasury to help companies and wealthy individuals avoid paying UK taxes, MPs warned today.

Margaret Thatcher engraved shotgun to go on sale

A SHOTGUN bearing an engraving of Baroness Thatcher and made especially for the former Prime Minister is to be put up for auction.

Thatcher funeral: £3.6M taxpayers? bill for service

Baroness Thatcher’s ceremonial funeral at St Paul’s Cathedral cost the taxpayer an estimated £3.6 million, Downing Street said today.

Brits who attend terror camps will lose passports

People who attend terror training camps abroad will be barred from holding a British passport, the home secretary announced yesterdays.

Marine charity calls for sea life protection

Charity representatives met with the Holyrood environment secretary yesterday to request the protection of 33 areas of Scotland’s seas and sea lochs.

Scottish independence: ?Scotland doesn?t need oil?

Scotland has the financial muscle to go it alone, even without the lucrative profits from North Sea oil and gas, pro-independence campaigners have said.

£15m offshore wind turbine fund announced

A £15 million fund to develop deep-water foundations for wind turbines has been announced by energy minister Fergus Ewing.

Wingsland Blog

Wings Over Scotland
sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul

We haven?t forgotten
You’ve probably noticed there’s been quite a lot going on here recently, but we’re not neglecting the wonderful people who contributed to our hugely successful fundraiser. The first version of our Credits page is now live. There are about a million issues with it, so we’ll do a list. 1. If you donated but didn’t [...]

There goes the fear
We’re indebted to an alert reader (as previously noted, we default to not naming people who send us tip-offs and the like so as not to get them in trouble at work or anything, but will happily credit you if you ask) for an excellent piece of initiative today. “16 April 2013 Dear Ministry of [...]

The clear blue waters of the Clyde
Much as we like to mock Scottish Labour for their deep-seated terror of stating a firm policy position on any subject whatsoever (other than “SNP BAD”, of course), we have to give credit where it’s due. Last weekend, Johann Lamont finally comprehensively addressed a subject she’s been ducking since before this website even existed. Under [...]

Who do you love?
Amazingly, it’s now been a whole year (plus two days) since we unexpectedly found ourselves top of a poll of most-read Scottish political blogs conducted by Scot Goes Pop. As we’ve now got a pretty sizeable readership, we thought it might be interesting to pick up the baton and conduct a similar survey for ourselves [...]

Forbidden fruit
It’s funny what you find when you’re not looking for it. As a result of a piece we wrote yesterday, we found ourselves tracking back through some older posts to check a couple of facts, and stumbled across something quite interesting. Within certain limited parameters of “interesting”, of course. It was a passage from a [...]

How?s that working out for you?
The Scotsman reports today the less-than-astonishing news that the Orange Order plans to take the (Ulster Says) No side in the independence debate, lining up with such other lovely “Better Together” bedfellows as the BNP, National Front and UKIP in a coalition of all the most likeable aspects of Britishness. In the light of this [...]

Are you ready to be heartbroken?
An alert reader pointed us this morning to an Ipsos Mori poll from last week that seemed to escape most of the media’s attention. As well as mirroring numerous recent surveys showing Labour’s lead over the Conservatives collapsing, it asked a rather more specific question. Long-time readers may recall a piece this site wrote back [...]

A definitive position
Here’s some more from Johann Lamont’s recent BBC interview (18m 20s). BRIAN TAYLOR: Will a Labour government repeal the bedroom tax? JOHANN LAMONT: Well, what we’ve been very clear about is that this is, em, deeply damaging to very many families. I’ve had examples of young people with learning disabilities living in supported accommodation who [...]

From the cradle to the grave
Johann Lamont, interviewed on the BBC last weekend: “You can understand the desirability of people having access to medicines, but everybody knows there are tough choices being made now.” (10m 19s) That’s the “leader of the Labour Party in Scotland”, there, seemingly equivocal on the principle of “people having access to medicines”. Nye Bevin must [...]

Recycle, repackage, repeat
It would appear that we’ve reached the point where the anti-independence campaign has officially run out of arguments, and is being forced to reissue its Greatest Hits. The headline on the left is from January 2012, the one on the right is yesterday’s. It hardly seems worth even addressing the issue, because the prospect of [...]

BBC Scotland

BBC News - Scotland politics
The latest stories from the Scotland politics section of the BBC News web site.

Ministers urged to look at pensions
Firms providing pensions across the UK may need to find millions of pounds to plug funding gaps if Scotland opts for independence, a report suggests.

Kirk to debate Scottish coronations
Future monarchs should be crowned in Scotland as well as at Westminster Abbey if Scotland becomes independent, a Church of Scotland report suggests.

SNP MSP Brian Adam dies aged 64
The Nationalist MSP for Aberdeen Donside, Brian Adam, has died at the age of 64 after a battle with cancer.

MSPs to vote on press controls
MSPs will vote on Tuesday to support UK-wide press regulation after they agreed to back changes to a royal charter.

Fund to build on turbine foundations
Scottish ministers announce a £15m fund to help develop prototype foundations for deep-water wind turbines.

MSPs debate property tax changes
Plans to replace stamp duty on properties sold in Scotland with a more progressive tax system are to be debated by MSPs at Holyrood.

Consultation begins on isle's future
The residents of Raasay are being consulted on whether they would want to take over the running of the island.

VIDEO: Scottish Parliament
Alex Salmond and opposition party leaders pay tribute to MSP Brian Adam.

VIDEO: Salmond: 'Sterling is the best option'
First Minister Alex Salmond tells BBC Scotland political correspondent Glenn Campbell that sterling would work in an independent country.

VIDEO: Osborne: Options 'less suitable'
Chancellor George Osborne has argued that there would be an unbalanced relationship if Scotland became independent from the rest of the UK.

AUDIO: Darling and Hosie on currency union
Former Labour chancellor Alistair Darling, of the Better Together campaign, and the SNP's Treasury spokesman Stewart Hosie clash over plans for a currency union if Scotland becomes independent.

VIDEO: Johann Lamont webcast
BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor puts your questions to Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont at the party's conference.

VIDEO: Your questions: Prof Alex Kemp
Oil expert Prof Alex Kemp on the future of the North Sea industry

Join Brian Taylor's Big Debate audience
Join the audience for Brian Taylor's Big Debate each Friday

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News Scotland | News - Scottish, Politics, Economy and Culture
Scottish News, News Scotland - Politics, Referendum, Economy, Culture and intelligent opinion | Newsnet Scotland, uniquely Scottish

Economic time bomb still ticking

  By George Kerevan 
WHEN asked what kind of generals he liked, Napoleon Bonaparte famously replied: ?Lucky ones.? George Osborne proved a lucky politician yesterday when he escaped the embarrassment of being the first chancellor ever to preside over three successive recessions.

The first quarter GDP figures turned out to be not only positive, but a reasonable 0.3 per cent ? well, reasonable in a global downturn.

Trade Unionists 'Coming Out' for Yes

  By Toni Giugliano
The STUC was one of the principal architects of the Constitutional Convention to re-establish the Scottish Parliament.  Last week, during the organisation?s congress in Perth, Dennis Canavan challenged the trade union movement to "finish the job it started" by campaigning for independence.
As sectoral co-ordinator for Yes Scotland it was my aim to ensure we were visible throughout the three-day event.  We certainly were - to the point where the No campaign accused us of "saturating" congress with our publications;

Our broadcasters are letting us down ? things have to change

By Mark Piggott

I was down in England last week where the Thatcher funeral dominated the media.  I?m told in Scotland it was much the same with BBC Radio Scotland going in for wall to wall coverage on the hallowed day, they sent a team down especially.
Another story failed to register with the BBC, a little known web site called National Collective had been taken offline.  National Collective is an organisation of Scottish artists and creative people who have come together in order to use art in the quest for Scottish independence.

Johann Lamont will see the light

By Mark McNaught

Johann Lamont?s speech to the 2013 Scottish Labour conference vividly illustrates the contradiction between the party leadership?s desire to remain in the UK and any possibility of accomplishing, in the post-Thatcher era, any of the social objectives Labour has historically advocated.

If this is the most finely honed argument she can come up with for Scotland remaining in the UK, 'Better Together' has lost, and Scots will vote for independence in 2014.  It is hard to believe that even she finds it credible.

Seven Suggestions for Scottish Labour to be the Party of Change

By Gerry Hassan, The Scotsman, April 20th 2013

It seems to be the age of seven questions as Tony Blair once again acts as an uncomfortable sage for Labour and Ed Miliband.

With Labour meeting in Inverness this weekend and the party?s Devolution Commission interim report out, it is time for Scottish Labour to assess where it is and what it needs to do to change and to start shaping the political weather.

Here then are my seven observations and suggestions for you Johann:

How the European Union is helping to protect children online

By Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh
Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh is and SNP candidate in next year?s Euro elections. She is the only woman on the list of six. As National Women?s Officer for the Party, she is acutely aware of the need to open up politics for women and as a mother herself of the need to protect children online.
The Internet has opened up a vast resource of information to all of us, one that shifts and changes literally by the second.

Prospects for Scottish manufacturing: Finnish lessons

By Ivan McKee  

The train north from Helsinki takes about five hours to get to Ylivieska. From there another 30 minutes by road and you are in Sievi. With a population of 5,000 Sievi is closer to the Arctic Circle than it is to the capital 500km to the south. In the winter it stays below minus 30 for weeks at a time.

The lakes freeze over with a foot of ice that doesn?t melt until April. In mid-summer sun still shines brightly at 2am. Getting a good night sleep can be hard for those unaccustomed to the midnight sun.  Road signs warn of moose, up to 2m tall, that can appear from the forest with no warning.

Co-op Party Chair breakfast bombshell for Labour delegates

  By Ken Ferguson
Whether New Labour croissants or the more traditional cooked fare, Labour delegates to their Inverness conference had some indigestible breakfast reading in Scotland on Sunday with the news that Co-op party chair Mary Lockhart intends to vote YES in next year?s referendum.
A Labour stalwart and supporter of the left wing Campaign for Socialism pressure group which presents - sometimes with some intellectual arrogance - the case for voting No and seeking an increasingly illusory British Road to Socialism, her decision is a blow for Labour but will be particularly stinging for the small, forces of the CFS.

'Better Together' Campaign Increasingly Nixonian

By Mark McNaught

At first glance it may seem far-fetched to compare the campaign tactics of a disgraced late US President to an anti-independence campaign in Scotland.  They take place in different times, different countries, and in very different political cultures.

However, closer examination of Richard Nixon?s political tactics reveal several disturbing similarities with what we have recently seen from the 'Better Together' campaign.

Devolved tax step in right direction

By George Kerevan
I CHOKED in my porridge, metaphorically at least. According to the report from Labour?s (latest) internal commission on the future of devolution, there is a ?strong case for devolving income tax in full? to the control of the Scottish Parliament.
As the commission included both Johann Lamont, Scottish Labour leader, and Margaret Curran, the shadow secretary of state, this suggests Labour might be getting serious about offering a counter bid to independence, or at least to the confederal version of Scottish autonomy being offered by the SNP. Could Mohamed and the proverbial mountain be about to meet somewhere in the middle?

Referendum 2014 (

Referendum 2014 |
All the new curated posts for the topic: Referendum 2014

Osbornes Toxic Legacy

By Jonathon Shafi When you hear the word 'deficit' the first thing that springs to mind is the so called 'budget deficit'. So called, because many of us are 'deficit deniers'. A deficit denier is s...

See it on, via Referendum 2014

Scottish independence ? why so complicated?

The debate about Scottish independence is being made much more complicated than it actually is. And that’s making it hard to make a rational choice.
Peter A Bell's insight:
Even if we accept the "five unions" hypothesis put forward in this article, the fact remains that only independence gives Scotland the power to freely negotiate the terms of all of those unions.

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Better Together donations row reaches Commons as new Vitol deal emerges

THE row over political donations by the head of oil trader Vitol was taken to the heart of Westminster when the issue was raised at Prime Minister's Questions by the SNP.

Peter A Bell's insight:
I look at Ian Taylor's picture accompanying yet another article about his firm's dubious practices and I'm amused to think that this is precisely what he sought to avoid when he set his lawyers on National Collective and Wings Over Scotland. Didn't work out too well for him, did it?

See it on, via Referendum 2014

Holyrood income tax powers inadequate warns Holtham

ONE of the UK’s foremost ­experts on devolution has warned that new tax-raising powers for the Scottish Parliament have “serious limitations”, despite giving MSPs far more say over income tax levels north of the Border.
Peter A Bell's insight:
Bear in mind that all of this constitutional tinkering is intended to preserve power at Westminster and has nothing whatever to do with serving the best interests of the people of Scotland.

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Independent Scotland ?will need own coronation?

PRINCE Charles and future British monarchs should have a separate Scottish coronation if Scotland votes for independence, a Church of Scotland report says today.
Peter A Bell's insight:
Tell you what! Let's just not bother!

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Cameron challenged to return 'Vitol Chief' donation after MP lists Arkan crimes

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been challenged to return money paid to the Conservative party by the Chief Executive of a company which admitted paying a Serbian war criminal one million dollars.

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Scots on what separation could mean for your savings, pension and mortgage

Peter A Bell's insight:
Arguably Bitter Together's most woeful effort to date!

It is revealing that they chose to talk exclusively to victims of their own propaganda onslaught through the mainstream media rather than financial experts or even knowledgeable commentators. We are left to draw our own conclusions as to why the anti-independence campaign has been so selective. And why it prefers this sort of thing to informed debate.

But the British nationalists aren't content simply to foist such ill-informed nonsense on us. At least by the implication of the title they stand by all of this as a reasonable assessment of what might actually happen in relation to personal finance after independence. They are going to have serious problems justifying that.

See it on, via Referendum 2014

Renewable energy industry delegates vote Yes | Scottish National Party

A Yes vote for independence being recognised as the best way forward for Scotland’s renewable energy ambitions by industry delegates at a conference in the Highland capital has been welcomed by the SNP.

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Brian Wilson: SNP takes a pounding over U-turn

A CURRENCY is not just for Christmas or, indeed, the convenient duration of a political campaign. It is the bedrock on which any economy rests, jobs depend, pensions rely.
Peter A Bell's insight:
It comes as no surprise to find someone as blinkered as Brian Wilson totally unable to comprehend that it is the SNP's capacity to put practicality and the best interests of Scotland's people before party dogma that has struck a chord with the Scottish electorate. Admittedly, this pragmatism may be exaggerated relative to the party whose sole guiding principle is the one that has secured a place in history for a certain Willie Bain.That policies may need to be adapted to circumstances is something that seems obvious to most folk. But it's a concept that completely eludes Wilson and pretty much all of British Labour. For these people, the only legitimate reason for changing a policy is the pursuit of power. And for that they will abandon not only long-standing policies but even fundamental principles.Wilson does amuse, however, when he sets himself up as the person to turn to when you want to know what the SNP's position is. He genuinely seems to believe that he is a better qualified to present SNP policy that any of the party's leadership. In this context "deluded" seems such an inadequate term.The upshot of all this is that, once again, we find that Wilson is not so much offering a reasoned critique of actual SNP proposals so much as tilting crazily at straw men of his own devising.It's that old Bain Principle in action again, folks! According to British Labour and their Tory allies a currency union is a terrible thing, not for any sound reason that any of them can explain, but simply because it came from the SNP.

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Growing concern over role of Ian Taylor as donor | Scottish National Party

Prime Minister David Cameron has ignored calls to return over half-a-million pounds of political donations from Mr Ian Taylor, the president and chief executive of Vitol, which gave the notorious Serb warlord Arkan $1 million.  Arkan was indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia for ‘wilfully causing great suffering, cruel treatment, murder, wilful killing, rape and other inhumane acts.’

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Independence: Pound pact ?not worth it? - Osborne

GEORGE Osborne has suggested it would not be “worth it” for the rest of the UK to agree a currency pact with Scotland after independence, in a blunt assessment of possible post-referendum negotiations if people vote Yes next year.
Peter A Bell's insight:
A comprehensive list of things which George Osborne does not comprehend would exceed the space allowance here. Notable items on that list include the fact that his arguments against a currency union will be music to the ears of many people in Scotland who would prefer that Scotland move immediately to an independent currency on independence.Given that those who do favour (interim) currency union know full well the rUK government will do a head-spinning U-turn on this issue immediately after a Yes vote in the referendum, Osborne's latest outburst is likely to have had a net beneficial effect for the independence campaign.Another thing that evades Osborne's limited powers of understanding is that he and his fellow British nationalists are also undermining the kind of enhanced devolution that the British parties are desperately trying to pretend would flow from a No vote.If a freely negotiated currency union involving two independent nations is so problematic then how much more problematic would it be for Scotland to have fiscal autonomy while being inextricably bound to a currency union imposed entirely on Westminster's terms.Albeit unwittingly, George Osborne has offered an argument that will prove to be the clincher for many of those wavering on the verge of voting Yes in the hope that devo-whatever might save them having to take the leap. They now know that, not only is there no such devo-whatever settlement actually on offer, but also that it would almost certainly prove to be unworkable in the longer term anyway.Having already rejected the status quo that Bitter Together represents, there is no recourse for these people other than to vote for independence.

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SNP independence plans in disarray after sterling rejection

Alex Salmond’s independence plans are in disarray after a comprehensive rejection of his proposal for an independent Scotland to share sterling by Chancellor George Osborne.
Peter A Bell's insight:
Just watch how quickly the UK government changes its tune after a Yes vote in Scotland's independence referendum. It'll make your head spin.Watch too how Simon Johnson blatantly alters the spin to tell us that the rUK government is calling the shots and DEMANDING that Scotland join a currency union.History will be rewritten overnight. The British state will ALWAYS have been in favour of a sterling zone. And we will ALWAYS have been at war with Eastasia.

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British Inequality and The Nordic Alternative

On the first anniversary of his death, Bella Caledonia is publishing the Donaldson Lecture Stephen Maxwell delivered at the 2007 SNP conference. It addresses the gulf between Scotland’s economic potential and the reality of its poor social record. Maxwell identifies the Nordic welfare democracies as the most attractive model for a future independent Scotland and contrasts their success at reducing poverty with the increasing material inequality of neo-liberal Britain and the United States.

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The Currency Question | National Collective

The debate over independence is plagued with speculation about how the economic system will adapt and whether a constitutionally independent Scotland will deliver better economic outcomes for Scots than the Union. Within this wider debate, the issue of what money will look like is becoming more prominent, and has generated significant heat, if not much light, in recent days. The SNP’s policy for some time was that Scotland would join the Euro ‘when the time was right’ and only after asking the permission of the Scottish people. The right time seems to be receding into the future, however, and staying in a sterling area monetary union is now the preferred option. This is no longer an obscure or technical discussion; in particular, strains in the Eurozone since 2010 have highlighted the difficulties of operating a single currency across a range of sovereign states.

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Chancellor pours scorn on SNP currency union plans

THE SNP's plan to keep the pound after independence has suffered a serious blow after Chancellor George Osborne warned the UK was unlikely to enter a formal currency union.

Peter A Bell's insight:
Let's run a sweep on how long it takes the UK government to do a U-turn on its refusal of a currency union following a Yes vote in the referendum. Anybody on under a minute is in with a very good chance of winning.

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Daily Record

dailyrecord - Politics
RSS feed from Daily Record

Bid for cheers in the stands
CELTIC chief executive Peter Lawwell is keen to see alcohol being sold to Scottish fans in stands during matchdays.

Royal British Legion president vows to stop former soldiers being penalised b...
ALASTAIR KENNEDY, 73, has vowed to take whatever action is necessary to stop former squaddies in Scotland suffering as a result of the con-dem's bedroom tax.

Osborne says we are making progress as Britain avoids triple dip recession
CHANCELLOR welcomes growth figures but economists warn the bounce-back is feeble and Ed Balls calls for urgent action.

MSPs vote on move to replace stamp duty with 'fairer' property tax
JOHN Swinney claims new structure will help first-time buyers and address inequalities in current system.

Aberdeen MSP Brian Adam dies of cancer, aged 64
FIRST Minister Alex Salmond leads tributes from across the political spectrum for 'hard-working, polite and charming' SNP man.

Con-Dems are failing the jobless ? but we need to know how we will feel the b...
ED MILIBAND has to spell out how he will get unemployed back into work if he is to avoid walking into a Tory trap on welfare.

Revealed: Long-term unemployment in Scotland has risen by 500% under Con-Dems
MARGARET Curran slates 'Tory puppet' Michael Moore after Scottish figures show shock rise in those out of work for more than two years.

Call for MSPs to reject Justice Secretary's plans to close 17 Scottish courts
KENNY MacASKILL has approved the Scottish Court Service's proposal which would save £1m a year - but according to Labour's Lewis MacDonald public opinion is against the move.

George Osborne's cat Freya is victim of his cuts after her £50 diamante colla...
THE moggy has had her £50 diamante collar replaced by a cheap fish-patterned one as she struts round Downing Street.

Lone parents in Scotland owed £331million in payments from former partners
FIGURES were uncovered by Scottish Labour MP Pamela Nash who has called for Government action to collect the cash.

We lived on toast for a week, Scots reveal the true cost of con-dem welfare cuts
WE hear from a number of Scots who have been affected by the introduction of benefit reforms including the controversial bedroom tax.

Gordon Brown doesn't even know where Augusta is so he should stay out of deba...
PETER DAWSON branded the former prime minister a political opportunist over his attack on the R&A and women-only Muirfield, host of this year?s Open.

Labour calls for powers to increase council tax in bid to aid those facing cu...
THE party's health spokeswoman has called on the Scottish Government to use the powers it has to mitigate the impact of UK welfare reform.

Chancellor George Osborne warns Scotland would have little control over its e...
THE Tory minister says the UK will not agree to a shared currency and Scotland would have no control over the monetary policy that drives our economy.

Atos benefits tests: Retired Royal Navy commodore warns his autistic son face...
TONY Milkinski says his 27-year-old son Sandy has already been hit hard because of a lack of understanding about his condition and now he fears things will get worse when disability living allowance is replaced.

Guardian - Scottish Politics

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Politics Weekly podcast: the Scottish pound; school holidays and the local el...

George Osborne visited Glasgow this week with a message to supporters of an independent Scotland: don't assume that you'll keep the British pound as currency. Osborne argued that if Scotland were t...

Letters: Currency questions for Scotland

Even if Scotland votes for independence and manages to keep the pound (No currency union with independent Scotland, says Osborne, 24 April), there's another problem facing its choice of currency. T...

Scotland's independence debate is giving unionism a shot in the arm | Martin ...

Alex Salmond's SNP should be crowing after Osborne's speech. But pro-UK politics is making a confident comeback

This week Alex Salmond was gifted the sort of opportunity he is supposed to dream of. ...

Scotland: the nitty-gritty of an ideal | Editorial

The danger for unionism is that the nationalist tide is met with a run of unplanned concessions

As with David Cameron's recent trip to Scotland to put the case for a Trident missile that has always ...

Scotland's currency options

Should an independent Scotland try to form a sterling pact with England, join the euro, or create its own currency?

Have its own currency

A Scottish currency ? let's call it a Scotdollar ? would be a...

Osborne scorns Scottish independence camp's plan for currency union

Scottish first minister tells chancellor to 'grow up' after he pours cold water on SNP's plans to retain pound sterling

George Osborne has stepped up the Treasury's attacks on Scottish independence ...

Should Scotland have its own currency? | The panel

George Osborne has said the UK may not share the pound with an independent Scotland. Our panel discuss the implications

Alistair Darling: 'A Scottish currency would be plain daft'

The SNP cannot guar...

Scotland currency row: Osborne accused of 'scaremongering'

Scottish finance secretary says there is compelling case for currency agreement between Scotland and rest of UK

John Swinney, the Scottish finance secretary, has accused George Osborne of using "sho...

Osborne warns of currency risks for independent Scotland - video

Chancellor George Osborne speaks in Glasgow at the publication of a Treasury report on currency options for an independent Scotland


Currency union with Scotland may not be in UK's interest, says Osborne

Chancellor says abandoning current currency arrangements 'would represent a very deep dive indeed into uncharted waters'

An independent Scotland would be forced to adopt new currency arrangements th...

Scottish currency options: not a simple matter

First minister Alex Salmond favours using sterling in a formal currency union, but he faces a fight

Those pressing for a yes vote in next year's referendum on Scottish independence need to convince ...

An independent Scotland could endanger sterling, Treasury warns

Whitehall says that unless Scottish public spending and debts are heavily cut, the currency could be threatened by speculators

The Treasury has warned that it could refuse to agree a formal currency...

Labour and Scotland: a tie that binds | Editorial

If the rhetoric of one nation is to mean something, much is to be said for caution over cutting such a strong link

Ed Miliband made a confident speech to the Scottish Labour party conference at the ...

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond given currency ultimatum

Scotland may have to join euro or create new currency if first minister fails to accept Treasury's terms for joining sterling

The Treasury has launched a direct attack on Alex Salmond's plans for Sc...

Scottish Labour leader backs call for income tax powers

Johann Lamont says proposals for Holyrood to set rates are 'a good piece of work', after criticism from within her party

The Scottish Labour leader, Johann Lamont, has slapped down MPs who condemned...

Bella Caledonia

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On Balance
Our broadcasters are letting us down ? things have to change. A guest post by Mark Piggott on BARD2014. I was down in England last week where the Thatcher funeral Continue reading

Osborne?s Toxic Legacy
By Jonathon Shafi When you hear the word ‘deficit’ the first thing that springs to mind is the so called ‘budget deficit’. So called, because many of us are ‘deficit Continue reading

Korea Advice
After David Cameron’s recent visit a Bella reader wrote to Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Defence seeking reassurance…(click on the big yellow graphic for sanity) Dear Sir A couple Continue...

By Mark Ryan Smith Walking west on Argyle Street, I once enjoyed a fleeting, one-sided exchange with a man slumped against a bin. Crossing the road at the Park Bar, Continue reading

Air Cuan Dubh Drilseach
by Paul F Cockburn During the last few decades the global success of ?tartan noir? has overshadowed the significant contribution made by Scotland?s writers to the weird and fantastique. Except Cont...

British Inequality and The Nordic Alternative
On the first anniversary of his death, Bella Caledonia is publishing the Donaldson Lecture Stephen Maxwell delivered at the 2007 SNP conference. It addresses the gulf between Scotland?s economic po...

Northern Exposure
By Mike Small We’re celebrating George Osborne’s visit to Scotland to threaten us (see Ian Bell’s response here) with a look at some of the spectacular distortions and confusions by Continue readin...

The probable results of Iceland?s upcoming elections?
by Alda Sigmundsdóttir This coming Saturday, Icelanders head to the polls in national elections. The last elections, four years ago, were historic. We had just had an economic meltdown, and the Con...

The Irn Lady
By Mike Small As Jimmy Reid famously said, he didn’t leave the Labour Party – the Labour Party left him. This is a week where that statement echoed down the Continue reading

By Mike Small “Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended Continue reading

Scotland and Independence

scotland independence -guardian - Google News
Google News

ICAS believes both governments need to prepare a way forward on pensions - BB...

BBC News

ICAS believes both governments need to prepare a way forward on pensions
BBC News
Firms providing pensions across the UK may need to find millions of pounds to plug funding gaps if Scotland o...

Scottish independence: Church of Scotland to debate coronations - BBC News

BBC News

Scottish independence: Church of Scotland to debate coronations
BBC News
Future monarchs should be crowned in Scotland as well as at Westminster Abbey if Scotland becomes independent, a Churc...

Scottish independence: 'Scotland doesn't need oil' - Scotsman


Scottish independence: 'Scotland doesn't need oil'
Scotland has the financial muscle to go it alone, even without the lucrative profits from North Sea oil and gas, pro-independence c...

Scottish Independence: how safe is your pension? - (blog)

Scottish Independence: how safe is your pension? (blog)
Few people expect the Scots to vote for independence. But how many people expected HBOS or RBS to end up as basket cases? If th...

Scottish Independence Would Mean Loss of Pound, Osborne Warns - New York Times

BBC News

Scottish Independence Would Mean Loss of Pound, Osborne Warns
New York Times
LONDON ? With the euro crisis still smoldering, currency unions have a pretty bad name in Europe right now. That r...

Independence: Scottish resources 'bankrolling' UK - Scotsman


Independence: Scottish resources 'bankrolling' UK
Mr Salmond also faced criticism over the absence of any contingency plans for a possible separate currency from Scottish Green leade...

STV hosts schools debate on Scottish independence referendum -

STV hosts schools debate on Scottish independence referendum
Secondary school pupils will have the opportunity to debate the big issues in the run-up to the referendum on independence in 2014 ...

Scottish independence ? why so complicated? - MoneyWeek (blog)


Scottish independence ? why so complicated?
MoneyWeek (blog)
At the moment Scotland is effectively a member of five unions. First, a union of the crown; second, a currency union; third a parl...

Scottish independence: 'no guarantees' on currency union - Channel 4 News

Channel 4 News

Scottish independence: 'no guarantees' on currency union
Channel 4 News
Ahead of a referendum on independence next year, Mr Osborne said if Scotland left the UK there were no guarantees...

Scottish Independence: Osborne Says It Would Be Difficult For Scots To Keep ....

Scottish Independence: Osborne Says It Would Be Difficult For Scots To Keep ...
Huffington Post UK
The report - one in a series of papers from the UK Government on the impact of Scottish independence...


SNP - Google News
Google News

Tributes to MSP who 'achieved impossible' - Aberdeen Press and Journal

Tributes to MSP who 'achieved impossible'
Aberdeen Press and Journal
The Aberdeen Donside MSP, who was 64, was instrumental in ensuring the SNP realised its lifelong dream of staging a referendum nex...

Scottish independence: Pension warning for SNP - Scotsman


Scottish independence: Pension warning for SNP
Yet again, the SNP haven't done their homework. Scots simply don't know what will happen to their pensions if the SNP break up Britain....

Boosting the Powers of Genomic Science - UC San Diego Health System - UCSD Me...

UCSD Medical Center

Boosting the Powers of Genomic Science - UC San Diego Health System
UCSD Medical Center
?Unfortunately, it's also increasingly evident that existing statistical methods, like genom...

Salmond's fantasy world unravels in cold light of reality -

Salmond's fantasy world unravels in cold light of reality
The demolition job done by Mr Osborne on the SNP's plan to keep the pound was, not surprisingly, top of the agenda at First M...

Brian Adam's death at just 64 robs Scottish politics of a much-admired man - ...

Brian Adam's death at just 64 robs Scottish politics of a much-admired man
Indeed, he joined the SNP in the first place after being inspired by Adam's rise from a training in biochemistry to b...

Salmond tribute as MSP Adam dies - The Blairgowrie Advertiser

Salmond tribute as MSP Adam dies
The Blairgowrie Advertiser
Mr Adam was first elected to Holyrood in 1999 as a regional MSP for the North East, and from 2003 as a constituency MSP for Aberdeen. He al...

China Petroleum & Chemical Q1 Profit Rises - Quick Facts - - NASDAQ

China Petroleum & Chemical Q1 Profit Rises - Quick Facts -
( - China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (SNP,SNP.L) reported that, its first-quarter net profit attributable to s...

Brian Adam's death at 64 robs Scottish politics of a much-admired man -

Brian Adam's death at 64 robs Scottish politics of a much-admired man
Indeed, he joined the SNP in the first place after being inspired by Adam's rise from a training in biochemistry to becomi...

Brian Adam: Honourable man whose life transcended political divides -

Brian Adam: Honourable man whose life transcended political divides
Indeed, he joined the SNP in the first place after being inspired by Adam's rise from a training in biochemistry to becoming...

Tributes paid to 'exceptional' SNP MSP Brian Adam - Scotsman


Tributes paid to 'exceptional' SNP MSP Brian Adam
He also served as SNP chief whip from 2007 to 2011, and as the minister for Parliamentary Business from May 2011 until September las...

Referendum 2014 (Google News)

scotland referendum -guardian -telegraph - Google News
Google News

STV hosts schools debate on Scottish independence referendum -

STV hosts schools debate on Scottish independence referendum
Secondary school pupils will have the opportunity to debate the big issues in the run-up to the referendum on independence in 2014 ...

Kirk: Give future monarch a Scots coronation after Yes vote - Herald Scotland

Herald Scotland

Kirk: Give future monarch a Scots coronation after Yes vote
Herald Scotland
THE Church of Scotland has claimed a future monarch should have a second coronation to confirm his or her st...

MSPs urge No campaign to return oil tycoon's donation - Herald Scotland

Herald Scotland

MSPs urge No campaign to return oil tycoon's donation
Herald Scotland
"Does the Cabinet Secretary agree with me that Scotland's referendum must be conducted to the highest possible sta...

Scottish independence: Referendum cost estimated at £13.3m - BBC News

BBC News

Scottish independence: Referendum cost estimated at £13.3m
BBC News
The latest estimated cost of holding the Scottish independence referendum stands at £13.3m, a rise of about £3m on previous...

SNP leader Alex Salmond faces referendum rethink as sun sets on alliance with...

The Independent

SNP leader Alex Salmond faces referendum rethink as sun sets on alliance with ...
The Independent
News International's top selling title in Scotland, The Scottish Sun ? whose support i...

The Referendum Q & A: Rory Bremner - Herald Scotland

Herald Scotland

The Referendum Q & A: Rory Bremner
Herald Scotland
He is currently working on a one-off political comedy for BBC Scotland, called Rory Goes to Holyrood. Which way will you be voting in...

The Referendum Q & A: David Wilkie - Herald Scotland

Herald Scotland

The Referendum Q & A: David Wilkie
Herald Scotland
This is the latest in our series where eminent Scots explain their attitudes to Scottish independence and how they would choose to vo...

Scottish independence: Yes Scotland reveals donor list - BBC News

BBC News

Scottish independence: Yes Scotland reveals donor list
BBC News
The campaign for a Yes vote in next year's Scottish independence referendum has received donations of more than £1.7m, it has r...

SNP push fails to attract support for a Yes vote - Herald Scotland

Herald Scotland

SNP push fails to attract support for a Yes vote
Herald Scotland
THE SNP's big referendum push, during which Alex Salmond revealed the date Scots will vote for or against independence,...

NATO makes no membership guarantees for independent Scotland - RT


NATO makes no membership guarantees for independent Scotland
Optimistic expectations for Scotland's NATO membership were initially voiced Tuesday by Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland. He ...

Tartan Army Message Board (often features political threads)

Anything Goes

Would You Like To Hear Alexander Graham Bell's Voice?
Here you go:

Police "herding" A Suspect.

Sky Arts 9Pm - Playhouse Presents

Ian Hart plays John Lennon for the third time in a short play


The scenario is that Lennon is now 50 and he left The Beatles in 1962 before they became famous - and therefore wasn't shot. 


Got g...


Seen my first and hopefully last ukok sticker on a car going over the forth bridge this morning.

I felt like winding the window down and shouting if it wasnt for the snp you would have to pay a tol...

People That You Can't Stand - Everyone Else Thinks Are Brilliant?

Simple this one........My top three.


David Walliams

Ricky Gervais

Russell Brand


All self indulging talentless fuds !!!



Ahhhhhhhhhh feel better now.

Malta: Off There Tomorrow, First Time.

30th Wedding Anniversary.


Looking forward to it

Anyone See The Sky Tonight?
At about 2148 looking east looked like a rocket launch, very straight, very clear and was visible for about 10 mins. Was a little spooky!

Suggestions Please........

Could be here a long time.......

Royal Mail Privatisation

we all know this is to bring in much needed funds to the Westminster government to squander but surely to fack they cannot privatise Royal Mail in Scotland ...... with a independence referendum in ...

The Scotsman's New Initiative

The NorthBritishMan is going to be launching a new initiative in around a month's time, folks. It's going to be called 'Friends of The Scotsman' and it's purpose is to engage further with civic Sco...

Better Nation

Better Nation
Work as if you live in the early days of a

The Kind of Country I Want To Live In
A longer guest post today, from Martin Burns, who blogs here. We don’t normally publish old stuff from elsewhere, but this deserves a bigger audience.  The Pragmatic Argument for Independence Let m...

Scotland should now get a grip and get over Thatcher
A guest-style crosspost today from Douglas McLellan, who has a new blog here and who describes himself, amongst other things, as the most right-wing member of the Scottish Greens (as discussed on L...

Over your cities Green grass will grow
The Labour party have looked about them, taken stock of the post-Blair wasteland and identified the enemy. which apparently is those well-known destroyers of democracy and oppressors of the common ...

The War of the Roses
In 1999 I wrote a dissertation for my CSYS Modern Studies entitled: The Autonomy of The Scottish Labour Party. In conclusion, I realised that ?or lack thereof? should have been included in the titl...

Abolishing the ?progressive? hate tendency
A wee guest post today from Duncan Thorp, who’s previously written for us about social enterprise. Thanks Duncan! Here?s a simple experiment. Have a think about the names of political campaigns, pr...

If you can?t take the heat don?t post defamatory articles
NationalCollective is back online today, with an amended article repeating allegations about Ian Taylor which were already in the public domain. While taking a highly principled position about thei...

Is Margaret Thatcher?s greatest achievement still to come?
The delayed debate on Thatcher’s famous quote about society (and no, there’s no amount of context which excuses it) will be taken this afternoon at Holyrood, and the reaction to the debate topic at...

Don?t wrestle pigs in the mud
As has been widely noted, the tone of the debate about independence has gradually gone from bad to worse, and yesterday’s heavy-handed legal action against National Collective hasn’t helped at all ...

Press support, democracy and well resourced media.
Following on from James calling attention to the plight of National Collective and the need for diverse media voices, a link to a post by myself on the Edinburgh based Green media project POST, and...

I am National Collective
Today sees the first threatened legal actions of the independence referendum campaign, with the following notice going up on National Collective’s Facebook page – their main site being down altoget...

Scot Goes pop

SCOT goes POP!
A pro-independence blog by James Kelly - voted one of the UK's top 100 political blogs.

Notes on a non-scandal
In the latest scare story about Scotland's currency that has been concocted by the No campaign (and of course in this respect the UK Treasury is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the No campaign), there...

Now that the daffodils are back, it's time to vote for a blog that is fightin...
My fellow citizens, these are uniquely dangerous times that we live in.

Lord Fraser wants to call in the RAF to bomb Glasgow Airport. The Treasury wants to rip out the soul of this nation by ta...

Poll : Which Presiding Officer has been best?
Bit of a random one, this, but I've been thinking about how the reputation of Commons Speakers at Westminster has so rarely matched up to my own assessment. For example, Betty Boothroyd was treate...

Warning : Jock-bashing buffoon ahead
I've long suspected that the editor of the blogs section of the Telegraph website is running some kind of internal contest to see which writer can demonstrate the greatest lack of knowledge and sel...

If any "prominent pollsters" from Ipsos-Mori happen to be passing by, feel fr...
Well, it's been far too long since I last offended Craig Gallagher's sensibilities by reposting one of my exchanges from Political Betting. "The Screaming Eagles" is the most prominent of the site...

Did the Bishop of London feel something on his shoulder?
Compare and contrast (well, perhaps not the latter)...

Tony Blair at the negotiations that resulted in the Good Friday Agreement -

"A day like today is not a day for soundbites, really - we can l...

Ding-a-dong listen to it, maybe it's a big hit, even when your lover is gone ...
I couldn't quite make up my mind how I felt about the controversy over whether Radio 1 should broadcast Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead on its official charts show yesterday. On the one hand, we're f...

The "international socialist movement" and its curious obsession with boundaries
Duncan Hothersall, leading Twitter propagandist for what he fondly describes as "the international labour movement" (better known to us as the UK Labour Party, an esteemed former member party of th...

YouGov poll on attitudes to Mrs Thatcher shows sharp Scottish divergence
Here is the regional breakdown of the YouGov poll from a couple of days ago on public perceptions of Mrs Thatcher following her death. There won't be any great surprises here, except for those who...

We are all National Collective
I've got a very soft spot for National Collective, partly because I was a contributor to the site in its early days, but mainly because it's since developed into an all-round class act, which does ...

Lib Dems' Moore deliberately lies in the Huffington Post - no ifs, no buts, n...
Michael Moore (aka "the man who gave us votes at 16 by opposing it") furiously spins for Blighty in the US edition of the Huffington Post -

"Scotland is facing an historic decision in 2014: whethe...

TNS-BMRB poll : Decrease in opposition to independence
Doubtless the above headline will be seen as spin, but when we have Magnus Gardham and his ilk perpetually spinning in the opposite direction on behalf of the 'mainstream media', I'm not going to a...

Did Mrs Thatcher do any good things?
Above all else, today is a terribly sad day for Margaret Thatcher's family, her friends, and all those who feel a sense of loss as a result of her passing. I'm beginning to wonder if the former PM...

Are you called David?
I've just stumbled across a Twitter campaign that unaccountably has just nine followers at present. Called 'Davids for Indy', it seeks to identify every David in Scotland who will be voting Yes in...

More befuddlement on Scotland from the London media - it's the Independent's ...
In 2011, the Scottish Sun came out in support of the SNP, but made clear that they remained firmly opposed to independence. They were probably hoping (and expecting) that the SNP would win, but no...


Scotland's date with Destiny

From Cradle to the Grave: The Death of the English NHS?
“Privatisation” in England’s universal healthcare system gives an alarming prognosis, warn medics. Shirley Murgraff is an 80-year-old woman from the east end of London. She’s had 23 hospital admiss...

Yes Campaign: Scotland Can Go It Alone Even Without Oil.
Scotland has the financial muscle to be a successful independent country without the lucrative profits from North Sea oil and gas, according to pro-independence campaigners. Yes Scotland said econo...

Church of Scotland Explores Issues Around Independence.
Three Councils within the Church are proposing that the Scottish Government?s draft Scottish constitution is published before Scots take part in the historic vote on independence in September 2014....

We haven?t forgotten
From Wings Over ScotlandWe haven?t forgotten O...

There goes the fear
From Wings Over ScotlandThere goes the fear Ov...

It all adds up to a more prosperous and fairer independent Scotland
Yes Scotland today described next year’s independence referendum as a “once in a lifetime opportunity to get the powers we need for lasting prosperity”. The pro-independence campaign said Scotl...

It all adds up to a more prosperous Scotland
Becoming independent offers Scotland – and its businesses – the opportunity of a lifetime. With control of our economic policy we can focus on the unique priorities of our economy. An independent...

Scottish Food And Drink Exports: Good News Amid The Gloom.
Exports from Scotland?s food and drink industry rose by 1.5% in the final quarter of 2012. Although it?s down on the previous three months, it continues the strong performance of the sector; betwee...

Wall of Remembrance: RIP MSP Brian Adam ? Died age 64 after a long battle wit...
    It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the passing of Brian Adam at the age of 64 after a long battle with cancer. Brians family said that he passed away quietly in the night. We would ...

The clear blue waters of the Clyde
From Wings Over ScotlandThe clear blue waters of the Clyde

Political Betting - Scotland section » Scotland
The web's premier resource for political betting.

The Scottish Sun to ?remain neutral? in next years referendum
According to the Indy the Scottish Sun will remain neutral in next year’s — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) April 2, 2013 A blow for Alex Salmond? Acc...

If Scotland rejects independence it will be because Scottish women are not co...
Latest Scottish referendum poll for S Times has huge gender divide. YES 7% ahead with men but 27% behind with women. — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) March 24, 2013 The Se...

The Scottish Leadership ratings change, year on year and the future.
    Leader Net Rating Jan 12 Net Rating Feb 13 Change Alex Salmond Plus 22 Plus 7 Minus 15 Ruth Davidson Minus 12 Minus 4 Plus 8 Johann Lamont Minus 6 Plus 8 Plus 14 Willie Rennie Minus 12 Minus 7 ...

The latest Ipsos-Mori polling on Scottish Independence
The Nationalists Strike Back Ipsos-Mori have polled for the Times on Scottish Independence, the changes are from their last poll in October. The poll, which asked the same question as the one now c...

Has Rangers Football Club just made Alex Salmonds job harder?
BBC news What would pulling out do to the independence debate? Identity is one of the most potent forces in politics; the sense of who we are individually and collectively. That?s why the unusually...

Scotland?s most accurate pollster suggests that Alex Salmond?s magic might be...
Ipsos-MORI blows for Alex Salmond/SNP/YES in the week the referendum deal was signed. — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) October 18, 2012 In the week that the referendum dea...

A Marf Cartoon and a guest slot from James Kelly on polling and the Scottish ...
Have the polls “consistently” shown that Scots are opposed to independence? Something that I know has privately frustrated the SNP in recent weeks and months is their perception that the media, esp...

The SNP loses the battle for a multi-question referendum
BBC News But 16 and 17 year olds will be able to vote The BBC is reporting that a broad agreement has been reached between Westminster and Edinburgh on the Scottish independence referendum which is...

Will Westminster stage the Independence referendum before Alex does?
The Sunday Times are running a story that, if Alex Salmond doesn’t agree to a single question referendum, then Westminster will organise the referendum for next year, and not devolve the necessary ...

How will the Scottish independence referendum affect the next general election
James Kelly looks at the various scenarios. One thing is for sure ? Scotland will be returning MPs to Westminster at the next general election, whenever it is held.  On the SNP?s proposed timetable...

How will the Olympics affect the Independence debate?
Does a successful Team GB underline ?we?re stronger together?? PB reported earlier this week on a Comres poll which reported an upsurge in support for the Olympics now they?re underway (and taken b...

YouGov Scotland poll
There’s a new YouGov poll out on Scottish matters. On the independence front, 30% are in favour on independence. This represents a decline of 1% since March and a decline of 3% since January. 54% a...

And after the big disappointment at Wimbledon?
Marf gives her take If you would like to purchase one of Marf?s prints or originals, please contact her here. Recent Threads

MORI: SLAB closing the gap on the SNP in Scotland
Ipsos-MORI There’s a new Ipsos-MORI poll of voting intentions for the Scottish parliament and these show the same trends that we saw in the Scottish local elections on May 3rd. Scottish Labour movi...

Can the SNP and Greens work together in the pro-independence campaign?
James Kelly on the pro-independence campaign If there is to be a Yes vote in the Scottish independence referendum, a prerequisite is surely that the Yes campaign itself is as broadly-based as possi...


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