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Gaelic quango in conflict of interest row over appointment of chief executive
26 Mar 2017 at 12:09am
THE quango for promoting Gaelic has become embroiled in a conflict of interest row over the appointment of its chief executive.

Scotland could remain in EU after Brexit says report, as May prepares to trig...
26 Mar 2017 at 12:11am
SCOTLAND and Northern Ireland could both remain in the EU pending an independence referendum, according to papers published by a European Parliament committee.

SNP councillor in race row lawsuit fails to win candidate selection
26 Mar 2017 at 12:03am

SNP and Labour launch rival parties? Glasgow campaigns for upcoming council e...
25 Mar 2017 at 2:45pm
Labour and the SNP have launched their rival parties' Glasgow campaigns for the upcoming council elections as they vie to gain control of the historic Labour stronghold.

SNP MSP under fire for failing to speak out over landlord status
25 Mar 2017 at 9:20am
A SENIOR Nationalist has been reprimanded for failing to declare a financial interest in a rules breach that saw him reported to prosecutors for a possible crime.

Over 1,000 Scots take part in 'march for Europe'
25 Mar 2017 at 1:09pm
Hundreds of Scots from across the country are descending on the capital to march for Europe and make clear that ?the people of Scotland do not want Brexit.?

Trust in SNP government falls as voters prioritise economy
25 Mar 2017 at 12:08am
TRUST in the SNP government fell sharply last year as a majority of Scots felt there had been a deterioration in the economy, new official statistics show.

Unspun: the political diary
25 Mar 2017 at 12:08am
SNP MP Tommy Sheppard was livid at George Osborne?s new gig as editor of London?s Evening Standard. ?If you have a second or third job, then it must be something that demonstrably doesn't prevent you doing your first job as an MP,? he fizzed. No doubt, this does not apply to one Alex Salmond, who was an MSP and First Minister for three years while an MP before becoming a best-selling author and video blogger.

Holyrood to work longer hours because of Brexit fall-out
25 Mar 2017 at 12:09am
MSPs will have to work longer hours and spend more days at the Scottish Parliament because of the unprecedented workload caused by Brexit, the Herald understands.

May: Tech firms 'can and must' do more to tackle extremist material on the net
24 Mar 2017 at 12:13pm
Theresa May has warned technology companies that they ?can and must do more? to tackle hate material on the internet.

Labour backs fight against state pension freezes faced by some expats
24 Mar 2017 at 9:46pm
Labour has formally backed the campaign against the freezing of state pensions for some British expats because it is "contrary to natural justice", Jeremy Corbyn said.

75-year-old window cleaner named as fourth terror victim
24 Mar 2017 at 7:34pm
A 75-year-old retired window cleaner has been named as the fourth victim of the horrific Westminster attacks.

Alex Salmond tells reform commission that number of MSPs could be increased
24 Mar 2017 at 5:04pm
Alex Salmond has suggested a number of reforms to the Scottish Parliament, including an increase in the number of MSPs.

Survey finds trust levels in Scottish Government down
24 Mar 2017 at 5:47pm
Trust in the Scottish Government fell last year, according to new statistics from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey.

Thousands turn out in Trafalgar Square to show dignified defiance against ter...
24 Mar 2017 at 12:02am



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Euan McColm: Labour fails to grasp the wonder of Woolies
25 Mar 2017 at 11:55pm
It was always there, meeting my ever-changing demands. It satisfied my cravings for sugar and 7” singles, it supplied a cutlery “tree” for my first flat, and it was the source of last-minute presents for elderly relatives.

Children?s panels ?should hear FGM risk cases?
25 Mar 2017 at 11:31pm
Girls in Scotland at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) should be referred to the Children’s Hearing system, the former director of the Scottish Child Law Centre has said.

May touts Brexit deal ?so good you won?t need Indyref2?
25 Mar 2017 at 11:30pm
Theresa May will head north of the border this week and attempt to defuse the SNP’s plan for a second referendum by focusing on a Brexit deal that delivers for Scotland.

Insight: The tactical response to Westminster terror
25 Mar 2017 at 11:28pm
Amid the granite-grey cobbled streets of Old Aberdeen lies the mosque and Islamic centre which serves the city’s small Muslim population.

Ten arrested during Edinburgh fascist rally
25 Mar 2017 at 7:11pm
POLICE Scotland have arrested ten people following a fascist protest in central Edinburgh today

Video: ?White Pride? marchers make Nazi salutes on Royal Mile
25 Mar 2017 at 6:12pm
FOOTAGE has emerged of ‘White Pride’ protesters making pro-Nazi salutes in central Edinburgh, while a crowd of people vocally condemn their presence.

Party divisions must end now, says Labour Shadow Chancellor
25 Mar 2017 at 3:38pm
The Labour Party must show “a new spirit of solidarity” and end internal splits and divisions, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has said.

Tories must ?stop dithering and start investing? says Corbyn
25 Mar 2017 at 2:08pm
Britain should not be afraid of debt or borrowing money to fund investment, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

Brexit: EU members agree to ?act together? at different paces
25 Mar 2017 at 1:47pm
European Union leaders have agreed that member states should be allowed to pursue integration at different paces, days before Theresa May officially triggers Brexit.

Chocolate bars could get smaller after Brexit warns Cadbury
25 Mar 2017 at 11:18am
Cadbury has warned that its products may become smaller post Brexit with the company stating they may adopt ‘shrinkflation’ to offset cost of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

Humiliation for Trump after defeat on ?Obamacare? repeal
25 Mar 2017 at 10:40am
Donald Trump and Republican leaders have scrapped their bill to repeal “Obamacare” in a humiliating failure for the US president, when it became clear his flagship manifesto pledge would nosedive in the House of Representatives.

Video shows Parliament gates left open in wake of terror attack
25 Mar 2017 at 8:40am
Parliamentary security is facing fresh scrutiny after a video showed its gates were left open and apparently unmanned in the immediate wake of Wednesday’s attack.

Stephen Jardine: No home-grown replacements for migrant labour
25 Mar 2017 at 6:00am
With two years of negotiations ahead leading up to Brexit, there is so much to sort out. From trade tarrifs to free movement for citizens, it’s hard to know where the politicians should begin. Scottish strawberry picking is unlikely to be high on the list of causes for concern during talks in Brussels but it symbolises a much wider problem.

Frank Bruni: Trump is tweeting towards oblivion
25 Mar 2017 at 6:00am
Social media teases out the worst traits of this vindictive and impulsive president, writes Frank Bruni

Leader comment: Europe?s change has to come
25 Mar 2017 at 6:00am
From any viewing of history it was a truly remarkable achievement. The signing of the Treaty of Rome by Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany to create the European Economic Community in 1957 came just 12 years after the end of the most brutal and damaging war, a war which had seen countries pitched against each other in a war of monumental casualties and horrific crimes against humanity. The bringing together of these countries in a belief that closer co-operation would help to prevent such destruction ever returning was a bold and inspiring move.

Wings over Scotland blog

Wings Over Scotland
The less-deserving pro-independence website

The sense of welcome
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
25 Mar 2017 at 2:55pm
No.10: Jackie Kemp, journalist. Previously: (All clips via the always-excellent Phantom Power Films.)

Stacking the odds
by Chris Cairns
25 Mar 2017 at 10:53am

The Liar
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
25 Mar 2017 at 2:16am
Normally the amateur blogger, unqualified would-be economist and unsuccessful dog-food salesman that BBC Scotland and the Daily Record employ on a regular basis to openly troll Yes voters restricts himself, when attacking this site, to crude abuse or smear and innuendo like the below, tweeted on Holocaust Memorial Day last year: Last night, implausibly, he sank …

If it hits you in the eye
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
24 Mar 2017 at 12:06pm
There’s a new hot buzz-phrase in the Yoonstream: “GERS deniers”. It’s actually been around for quite a few months – coincidentally since this site started exposing the true nature of the figures – but has become a constant mantra recently, in particular since the intervention of an actual proper expert who doesn’t sell cat litter …

How the times do change
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
23 Mar 2017 at 12:17pm

Kezia Dugdale Fact Check, Part 679
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
22 Mar 2017 at 11:22am
Sky News earlier this morning: Our ears always prick up when Kezia says she’s counted something herself. Dugdale’s comment is absolutely unambiguous that what she’s talking about is the period of campaigning before the first referendum on 18 September 2014. So how has she arrived at a figure of 847 days? – The SNP won an overall …

The highlights reel
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
21 Mar 2017 at 9:20pm
Today the Scottish Parliament spent several hours heatedly debating a motion to call for a second Section 30 order to enable a new independence referendum (several more will follow tomorrow before the vote). We watched all of it so you didn’t have to, and are delighted to present you with a few clips that probably won’t …

Unreliable sources
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
21 Mar 2017 at 10:49am
It seems counter-intuitive – given Rupert Murdoch’s often-overstated (despite endless and fevered speculation, the Scottish Sun didn’t back a Yes vote) but still seemingly real support for Scottish independence – that Sky News should be seen as the most hostile of the nation’s broadcasters to the Yes movement. Yet such it is. The channel’s nightly newspaper review is notable …

Stitched up like kippers
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
20 Mar 2017 at 4:26pm
Panelbase have released data tables for their recent Sunday Times poll. And wow. That’s quite something. Among people who voted No in 2014, a thumping 48% now intend to vote for the Tories in a general election, compared to just 22% voting Labour. Among the C2DE demographic – essentially the working class – the Tories lead Labour …

Asking the wrong questions
by Rev. Stuart Campbell
19 Mar 2017 at 12:09pm
Here’s the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, speaking to BBC News this morning and giving a striking illustration of the term “dancing on the head of a pin”. Comically, his excuse for demanding another referendum on leaving the EU while opposing a second Scottish independence referendum is that his new EU vote would be a …

BBC Scotland

BBC News - Scotland politics
BBC News - Scotland politics
BBC News - Scotland politics

Scots funding guarantee for EU students extended by a year
24 Mar 2017 at 3:00pm
Guaranteed funding for EU students in Scotland is extended to courses starting in 2018/19.

Salmond: Parliaments must remain accessible to public
24 Mar 2017 at 5:04pm
Alex Salmond says parliaments must remain accessible to the public, in the wake of the terror attack at Westminster.

Watchdog criticises Argyll and Bute education service
24 Mar 2017 at 3:35pm
Education Scotland says there are "important areas for improvement" at Argyll and Bute Council.

College lecturers balloted over strike action
25 Mar 2017 at 9:53am
College lecturers are being balloted on strike action for a second time as part of a long-running dispute over pay.

Scottish independence referendum debate to resume next Tuesday
23 Mar 2017 at 2:35pm
Scotland's political leaders condemn the terror attack at Westminster and speak out against division.

Armed police patrol Scots streets after Westminster attack
23 Mar 2017 at 9:24am
Armed patrols on Scotland's streets are increased in the wake of the London terror attack.

Nicola Sturgeon sees 'sense of solidarity' with London after attack
22 Mar 2017 at 10:27pm
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon expresses her concern for those caught up in the terrorist attack at Westminster.

Finish in sight for Scotland's jogging initiative?
23 Mar 2017 at 12:23pm
JogScotland's future could be at risk after it emerged £100,000 of Scottish government funding is to be cut.

Head teachers to get £3.5m support scheme
23 Mar 2017 at 11:14am
Head teachers are to be offered a new package of training support as part of a £3.5m Scottish government scheme.

Tough new climate targets proposed for Scotland
22 Mar 2017 at 12:50am
The Scottish government is urged to significantly increase its long term target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Politicians argue over Brexit and second Scottish referendum
21 Mar 2017 at 8:31pm
The SNP's Fiona Hyslop and Scottish Conservative Adam Tomkins go head-to-head in a debate looking at Brexit and a possible second Scottish referendum.

Scotland's dilemma
20 Mar 2017 at 12:03am
Broadcaster Allan Little examines the possible impact the post-Brexit deal might have on Scotland.

Scot Goes Pop

SCOT goes POP!
A pro-independence blog by James Kelly - voted one of Scotland's top 10 political websites.

If Ukraine don't back down, they must be banned from their own Eurovision
by James Kelly
23 Mar 2017 at 6:41pm
Apologies for a Eurovision post as early as March, but the events of the last couple of days have been truly extraordinary.  First of all, the Ukrainian authorities announced that the Russian entra...

If Theresa May can only "win" a referendum by stopping it taking place, then...
by James Kelly
21 Mar 2017 at 6:22pm
Just a quick note to let you know that I have a new article at the TalkRadio website about Theresa May's outrageous bid to overturn the long-standing British government policy that Scotland can onl...

CONFIRMED : Last night's ludicrous Sky "poll" was not weighted by EU referend...
by James Kelly
21 Mar 2017 at 12:03pm
As you may have seen, Sky News made an exasperating attempt last night to distort the referendum debate with a wildly unreliable online "poll", conducted by themselves and using their own paying cu...

The Greens' vote in favour of an independence referendum is fully consistent ...
by James Kelly
20 Mar 2017 at 6:41pm
The latest desperate tactic of unionist politicians and journalists is to attempt to deligitimise the Greens' forthcoming vote in favour of an independence referendum by suggesting that it is someh...

HALF of Scottish public want an independence referendum within just TWO YEARS...
by James Kelly
19 Mar 2017 at 2:24pm
Today brings word of the first full-scale Scottish poll to be wholly conducted since Nicola Sturgeon fired the starting-gun for a second independence referendum.  It's a Panelbase poll for the Sund...

How an early Scottish election can be triggered
by James Kelly
18 Mar 2017 at 10:23am
Opinions differ on how possible/probable the options of a consultative referendum or early Holyrood election are in the event that Theresa May remains intransigent.  Brian Taylor of the BBC, for ex...

Theresa is tanking : blow for autocrat PM as YouGov poll shows pro-independen...
by James Kelly
17 Mar 2017 at 1:27pm
I have to say I find it pretty incredible that a YouGov poll in which the headline Yes vote was unusually low has been so good for us in a variety of other ways. As I've already mentioned, it show...

What are Nicola Sturgeon's options for holding a vote on independence without...
by James Kelly
16 Mar 2017 at 10:26pm
Nicola Sturgeon said tonight she was determined to hold a vote on Scotland's future on the reasonable timescale she has already set out, and that she would "consider her options" if Theresa May tri...

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Princes Street at Sunset this evening.
by /u/Thomas12255
25 Mar 2017 at 10:53pm
submitted by /u/Thomas12255

by /u/ScottishGeology
25 Mar 2017 at 10:46pm
submitted by /u/ScottishGeology

Would it be alright for an Irish person to go to a Rangers game?
by /u/lilylover229
25 Mar 2017 at 10:36pm
Hi All Heading over to Aberdeen to friends in April and they want to take me to Rangers V Aberdeen. We're a bit removed from the sectarian side of things in the Republic and I just learnt recently ...

Taps aff weather near the best bridge in the world.
by /u/broonkind
25 Mar 2017 at 9:39pm
submitted by /u/broonkind

Salmond: we need more MSPs if Holyrood gets new powers
by /u/bottish
25 Mar 2017 at 9:30pm
submitted by /u/bottish

Found Nirvana for our lovely shell suit wearing Buckfast imbibers today.
by /u/ewenmax
25 Mar 2017 at 8:36pm
submitted by /u/ewenmax

Warning of NHS staff crisis as anger grows over below inflation pay rise (Fro...
by /u/mykeyboy
25 Mar 2017 at 7:11pm
submitted by /u/mykeyboy

Exclusive: Saving the Union from Scottish independence put at the heart of Br...
by /u/stoter1
25 Mar 2017 at 6:52pm
submitted by /u/stoter1

Property tax leaves £100m hole in Scotland?s finances (From HeraldScotland)
by /u/mykeyboy
25 Mar 2017 at 6:46pm
submitted by /u/mykeyboy

View from above Largs. Millport on the left, Isle of Arran in the distance.
by /u/Austen76
25 Mar 2017 at 6:00pm
submitted by /u/Austen76

View of Ochil Hills from Gartmorn Dam today
by /u/jhemps18
25 Mar 2017 at 5:31pm
submitted by /u/jhemps18

They want to have their haggis and eat it
by /u/Pleb12
25 Mar 2017 at 5:14pm
submitted by /u/Pleb12

Scottish parliament recognises Yazidi genocide
by /u/Revolutionary44
25 Mar 2017 at 3:57pm
submitted by /u/Revolutionary44

Just saw yer da at the White Pride Parade in Edinburgh
by /u/mt2oo8
25 Mar 2017 at 2:43pm
What an actual mess. submitted by /u/mt2oo8

Daily Record

dailyrecord - Politics
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UKIP's only MP Douglas Carswell quits party and denies plotting against Nigel...
by Arj Singh
25 Mar 2017 at 7:55pm
The MP for Clacton, who will now sit as an independent, is accused of only joining the Brexiteers in order to marginalise the party's former leader.

Trust in SNP Government takes a dip ? but they still beat UK ministers by a mile
by Lynsey Bews
25 Mar 2017 at 6:00am
Survey finds trust levels dropped from 73 per cent in 2015 to 65 per cent last year, while trust in the UK Government working in Scotland's best interest is only 25 per cent.

UK will be handed £50bn Brexit bill - says President Juncker
by Record Reporter
25 Mar 2017 at 6:00am
The head of the EU Commission says the UK will pay, but insists the massive bill is not a punishment.

No deal for Donald as Trump fails first major domestic policy test after Cong...
by Record Reporter
24 Mar 2017 at 10:05pm
The new US President prides himself on his ability to get things done but the great "dealmaker" couldn't even get his own party to vote for him.

As oil revenues fall it looks as if SNP are avoiding debate on economics of i...
by dailyrecord
24 Mar 2017 at 6:00am
To survive as an independent country, Scotland would have to make dramatic spending cuts, cuts far more painful than any “Westminster austerity” we’ve seen to date.

May faced difficult task of striking proper balance and tone after terror att...
by Torcuil Crichton
24 Mar 2017 at 6:00am
The vicar's daughter found the firm, comforting voice of her father the Reverend Hubert Brazier.

Thousands line the streets for funeral of Martin McGuinness
by Christina O'Neill
23 Mar 2017 at 3:31pm
Former US president Bill Clinton and ex SNP leader Alex Salmond attended the requiem mass in Derry for the Sinn Fein veteran.

IndyRef2 debate at Holyrood suspended following deadly terrorist attack in We...
by Record Reporter
22 Mar 2017 at 4:37pm
Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh eventually called a halt to proceedings over an hour after Westminster was rocked by terrorist attack.

Neil Findlay comes under fire for 'sexist' Tweet about SNP leader Nicola Stur...
by Christina O'Neill
22 Mar 2017 at 2:45pm
The Labour MSP sparked uproar on social media for 'appalling and crass' post directed at the First Minister.

Nicola Sturgeon gets ready to 'fill in the blanks' and tell voters her plans ...
by Andy Philip
22 Mar 2017 at 8:47am
The First Minister is attempting to reassure swithering No voters as well as the undecided that independence is the way forward.

Michael Greenwell

So long as men worship the Caesars and Napoleons, Caesars and Napoleons will duly arise and make them miserable. - Aldous Huxley

Journeys To Yes ? 10
by michaelgreenwell
25 Mar 2017 at 1:57pm
The tenth in the new series by the excellent Phantom Power.

Scottish Independence Podcast 150 ? Pat Kane
by michaelgreenwell
19 Mar 2017 at 5:58pm
It’s the 150th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast and the 250th podcast I have put together that is about Scottish Independence in some way, so it’s a double sort of anniversary. I hope you’ve been enjoying them. This time we are back to the interviews and in this universal moment of “what the hell …

Journey To Yes ? 9
by michaelgreenwell
18 Mar 2017 at 11:51pm
The ninth in the new series by the excellent Phantom Power. They just get better…

Journeys To Yes ? 8
by michaelgreenwell
18 Mar 2017 at 12:12pm
The eighth in the new series by the excellent Phantom Power.

Scottish Independence Podcast 149 ? Something Fishy
by michaelgreenwell
15 Mar 2017 at 8:21am
A recent episode of the Lesley Riddoch podcast mentioned a couple of things regarding what’s going to happen to fishing and agriculture in Scotland post-brexit. I felt what they were talking about was so important that we should go straight to the horse’s mouth, and then to the horses a***s (Mundell & Farage). So for …

Scottish Independence Podcast 148 ? Sweeties
by michaelgreenwell
13 Mar 2017 at 12:11pm
I had just put together and mastered episode 148 of the Scottish Independence Podcast before Sturgeon announced that we’re going for Indyref 2, so it doesn’t have any of that in it. I hope you’ll still find it funny and/or infuriating though. Hope you enjoy. You can download here if you click THIS LINK . …

Journeys To Yes ? This One Not By Phantom Power
by michaelgreenwell
13 Mar 2017 at 8:51am
Some slightly uncomfortable faces in the crowd as the young man makes his speech…

Journey To Yes ? 7
by michaelgreenwell
10 Mar 2017 at 8:46am
The seventh in the new series by the excellent Phantom Power.

Bella Caledonia

Bella Caledonia
it's time to get above ourselves

New Lübeck Letter
by Bella Caledonia Editor
25 Mar 2017 at 10:42am
The Lübeck Letter was sent by William Wallace and Andrew Murray in 1297 to the mayors of Lubeck and Hamburg. In the last few years the idea of a New Lübeck Letter has emerged, to reflect upon the outward-looking, hopeful and enterprising sentiments of the original letter by sending a new, relevant message from a …

Journey to Yes #10
by Bella Caledonia Editor
24 Mar 2017 at 11:36pm
* Bella Caledonia needs your help! If you want to support this site you can make a one-off or monthly donation here: Likes(36)Dislikes(0)

Ten Years of the SNP, and Beyond
by Bella Caledonia Editor
24 Mar 2017 at 4:44pm
Ten Years on the SNP and Scottish nationalism require a different politics for the future: Making real a vision of self-determination, argues Gerry Hassan. The SNP have been a breath of fresh air to Scotland. Fifty years ago this year the modern SNP emerged with the talismanic victory of Winnie Ewing at the Hamilton by-election, and …

Spring Songs
by Bella Caledonia Editor
24 Mar 2017 at 3:47pm
For our Mixtape series this week @JDTwitch from Optimo guests creating a special playlist for your weekend. Arvo Part – Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten Hiroshi Yoshimura – A?I?R (Air In Resort) Boards Of Canada – Amo Bishop Roden Charles Mingus – Fables Of Faubus Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme De Yoyo Robert Wyatt …

by Bella Caledonia Editor
24 Mar 2017 at 2:31pm
In the second of our new podcast series, Kevin Williamson talks to Marilyn Carino and Fiona Soe Paing about their new project ‘Clickbait’ – variously described as ‘nerdy rock for grown-ups’, torchy-electro-soul or ‘off-world electronica’. After previously sharing stages with Black Star and David Byrne, long-time activist and Buddhist Marilyn Carino releases her second solo album …

An Tango Mu Dheireadh am Partaig
by Bella Caledonia Editor
24 Mar 2017 at 1:28pm
Am mìos seo chaidh, bha mi toilichte an rathad-iarainn a thogail bho Dhùn Èideann gu taobh siar Ghlaschu gus an dealbh-chluich as ùire, ga chur air dòigh airson Pleidh Paidh is Pinnt aig Òran Mòr, fhaicinn. ?S e seo a? chiad dhealbh-chluich sa Ghàidhlig a tha air bhith air an àrd-ùrlar chliùiteach seo o chionn …

by Bella Caledonia Editor
24 Mar 2017 at 11:39am
The Geoff Ellis line is worth it alone …. Lifted from Loki’s forthcoming Trigger Warning album. Produced by Florist Mixed by Big Shamu Art by Paul Wilkie Likes(4)Dislikes(0)

Hut Hut Hut
by Bella Caledonia Editor
24 Mar 2017 at 11:19am
Support the Carbeth Hutters. “Just ten miles outside Glasgow and yet a lifetime away from tarmac roads and constant electronics, the Carbeth Hutters’ Community thrives on being off-grid and supporting neighbours. Connected to the past, but demonstrating a sustainable model for the future. In 2013, after fourteen years of a land dispute, Hutters bought-out the …

Guardian - Scottish Politics

Scottish politics | The Guardian
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To Scotland?s snowflakes: it?s a big, bad world | Kevin McKenna
by Kevin McKenna
26 Mar 2017 at 12:05am
In religion and politics, you can?t avoid the blood and guts foreverIn the west of Scotland over the next few years, mainstream Christian churches may soon be required to invest in counselling programmes for their fledgling priests and ministers. For these diffident young reverends may have been ...

With its attic full of national icons, England can?t move on. Scotland can | ...
by Ian Jack
25 Mar 2017 at 7:00am
England?s rituals and traditions ? monarchy, military, House of Lords ? have trapped it in the past. But with Brexit, the kingdom is threatenedI climb the retractable ladder and hoist myself through the trapdoor into the loft. My eyes need time to adjust to the gloom and I move carefully, picking...

Humpty-Dumpty hypocrisy in Holyrood | Letters
by Letters
24 Mar 2017 at 6:20pm
Ruth Davidson accuses Nicola Sturgeon of ignoring the will of the Scottish parliament on five issues, as she is lacking a mandate as a result of being two seats short of an overall majority (Sturgeon called a hypocrite as referendum debate begins, 22 March). Donald Dewar deliberately crafted a co...

Scottish parliament postpones vote on second referendum
by Severin Carrell Scotland editor
23 Mar 2017 at 11:55am
Independence debate was suspended after Westminster attack and vote will now take place the day before article 50 is triggeredThe Scottish parliament vote on calling for a new independence referendum has been postponed until Tuesday 28 March, the day before Theresa May triggers article 50 to begi...

Westminster attack: PC Keith Palmer named as police officer killed ? as it ha...
by Claire Phipps (now); Matthew Taylor, Kevin Rawlinson, Andrew Sparrow and Alexandra Topping (earlier)
23 Mar 2017 at 5:58am
Five dead, including police officer and attacker, and 40 injured after assault on Houses of ParliamentThis live blog is closed. Click here for ongoing live coverageWestminster attack victim named as Spanish teacher Aysha Frade 5.58am GMT We are closing this live blog now, but live coverage conti...

Holyrood suspends referendum debate after Westminster attacks
by Severin Carrell Scotland editor
22 Mar 2017 at 5:32pm
MSPs complained as Scottish parliament remained sitting for more than an hour after incidents in LondonThe Scottish parliament suspended its debate on a new independence referendum after MSPs complained it was still sitting more than an hour after the Westminster attacks.Ken Macintosh, Holyrood?s...

Nicola Sturgeon opens first day of Scottish referendum debate ? video
by Guardian Staff
21 Mar 2017 at 7:36pm
First minister Nicola Sturgeon opens the first of a two-day debate on Scotland?s second independence referendum. Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson accuses her and the SNP of playing a ?well-rehearsed game?, adding that most people in Scotland are ?sick to death? of gamesNicola Sturgeon accused o...

Nicola Sturgeon accused of hypocrisy as independence debate begins
by Severin Carrell Scotland editor
21 Mar 2017 at 6:13pm
Tories and Labour says first minister ignores will of Scottish parliament on issues she disagrees with yet wants Westminster to back Holyrood?s decisionOpposition parties have accused Nicola Sturgeon of hypocrisy after she insisted Theresa May had to respect Holyrood?s call for a second independe...

Wee Ginger Dug

Wee Ginger Dug
Biting the hand of Project Fear

Journey to Yes, N°10
Jackie says Yes. As more Scots who voted No to independence reconsider their decision, we follow their journey to Yes and self-determination for Scotland. Jackie Kemp is a writer living in Edinburgh and author of ‘Politics on the Hill, an Edinburgh View’, a stunning essay reflecting on Scotland’s changing post-Brexit identity that has resonated with …

The GERS fundamentalists
The Unionists have got a new phrase, “GERS deniers”. It’s a nice wee soundbite which attempts to equate people who view the GERS figures with suspicion, and people who deny the reality of climate change. But as ever, our Unionist friends are not comparing like with like. Climate change is based upon multiple scientific works …

Normal service will be resumed
We had thought that by this time the Scottish Parliament would have voted in favour of holding a second independence referendum, and the Scottish Government would be formally requesting a Section 30 Order from Westminster. Due to Wednesday’s tragic events in Westminster, that hasn’t happened yet. According to reports, the Holyrood debate is due to …

How to terrify a Tory
On Tuesday and Wednesday the Scottish parliament is debating the bill to bring about a second Scottish indepedence referendum. The first day of debates was mature and thoughtful, allowing the advocates of Scotland remaining a part of the UK to introduce the truly vital and important arguments for their case. Arguments like those of Labour …

The things Theresa forgot
That Mike Russell’s pretty pissed off, and quite right too. There he was, hanging on the phone on David Davis’s Brexit hotline and never getting an answer and being kept on hold, because now that the UK hate foreigners they had to give up their contract with the call centre in Mumbai, and then he …

Journey to Yes, N° 9
The latest instalment in PhantomPower’s inspiring Journey to Yes series. Mark says Yes. We follow different people’s fascinating journeys to Yes and self-determination for Scotland. Londoner and businessman Mark followed Scotland’s first independence debate closely and had been inspired by the Yes campaign with its progressive and inclusive values. After the Brexit result, Mark was …

A gas giant in a distant galaxy
It’s as predictable as a Unionist on social media playing the victim card, or as Ruth Davidson having the gall to think that as leader of an opposition who came a poor second she’s got the right to dictate to the Scottish government about something they’ve got a mandate to do, while simultaneously complaining that …

Getting the last word
The Maybot has spoken. Scotland, you’re not allowed to decide your own future. Remember all that about being a respected and equal partner in a family of nations? Well what it really meant was that we’re all equally under Theresa’s thumb. She’ll decide what future we’re getting. She’ll decide Brexit. She’ll decide everything. And Scotland …

The National

The National | Politics
The National /politics/

Pat Kane: Did the people of the Indus civilisation have all the answers?
HYENAS currently prowl the TV studios, yelping and snarling about the clash of civilisations. So let me tell you a story I heard this week, about a real and historical utopia.

Fiona Hyslop: Why we cannot give up on 60 years of shared ties with the Europ...
SIXTY years ago today, in a Europe still healing from the division and economic scars of the Second World War, the signing of the Treaty of Rome laid the foundations for the sustainable peace we all enjoy today. What for centuries had been an abstract aspiration for meaningful cross-border cooperation turned into concrete and powerful reality, marking a hugely significant step in the process of...

Mhairi Black: When the country is in shock the last thing we should do is lis...
ONE of the problems with a rolling 24-hour news service is that people tend to get desensitised to what is happening in the world. How often do you turn on the TV and see stories of murder, death and violence from every corner of the world but think that it will never affect you?

Speaker of the Catalan parliament says that Scotland will win ScotRef 'either...
SCOTLAND will emerge as the winner whether or not the country backs independence in a second referendum, according to the speaker of the Catalan parliament.

The Slorance Sketch ...

Toni Giugliano: Can the EU hold it together for another 60 years?
THIS week, 60 years ago, Europe was slowly rebuilding in the wake of the Second World War. After centuries of bloodshed and failed attempts to secure peace, the European Union?s founders resolved that the only lasting way to break the cycle of violence was to unite the people of western ? and eventually, eastern ? Europe.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp: Why is Norway still getting much more tax from oil?
THERE is no getting away from it, the economy is going to be far more important in the 2018 Scottish referendum than it was in 2014. This is partly because the Tories? hard Brexit doesn?t just undermine, but completely destroys the economic case for the Union ? a fact that will hit home as inflation rises and the Brexit negotiations start to go south for the Empire 2.0 team. Partly also because...

John Swinney: Status quo in education is not an option ... change is happening
CHANGE is coming to Scotland?s schools, the Deputy First Minister has said.

Calton Jock

Scottish and Uk Politics

Willie Rennie and His Phony Manifesto ? He Does Not have the Authority of the...
            The Scottish Liberal Democrats Independence and Europe I am bewildered and exasperated by the opposition party’s in Scotland. It is painful to watch once great party’s completing Hari-Kari in the arena of political challenge. Lagging hopelessly behind in last place in public support, seemingly oblivious to the danger of …

Is Ruth Davidson?s Party Financed by Israel ? Here are the Facts ? Holyrood S...
              Abuse of Holyrood Parliamentary Protocols by the Tory Party in Scotland February 2015: 700+ artistes (authors, poets entertainers,lecturers) formed a group “Artistes for Palestine” and announced a boycott on Israel cutting all cultural ties until such time as they complied with all UN resolutions. October 2015: Israel hit …

The Tudor Legacy Still Besets Scotland- Time For Scots to Cast off the Yoke ...
            This England (Shakespeare) 1603 “This royal throne of kings, this scept?red isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this little world, This precious stone …

Brian Wilson ? Labour Party Agitator ? A Sad and Deluded Ex Politician ? Who ...
            Celtic Chief Brian Wilson (In Yet Another of his Sleekit Innuendo’s) Seeks to Accuse the SNP of Attempting to Sectarianise Scottish Politics Spouting his latest fantasy at a fringe meeting of the Labour party he said “nationalists are importing loaded political language from Ireland, which carries the risk of …

Murdo Fraser ? Deputy Deadwood ? 18 Years An Unelected MSP ? Spongebob Person...
            The Near Death and Signs of Recovery of the Tory Party in Scotland Murdo Fraser first stood for election to Holyrood in 1999 but was unsuccessful. Undeterred he turned his sights to bigger things and fought for a seat in the Westminster election in 2001(and failed). Never one to …

Bank of England Sacrifices Scotland?s Economy to Protect the Overheated Londo...
          5 November 1999: Scotland ‘Sacrificed’ as Interest Rates Rise The Bank of England was accused yesterday of sacrificing Scotland’s economy after slapping on another interest rate rise to stop the over heating in the London property market. Scotland’s hard pressed business community said the result of the boom in house …

Jackson Carlaw ? Tory Party in Scotland ? Deputy leader (Ruth Davidson?s Thir...
            Jackson Carlaw Carlaw stood as the Conservative candidate in the 1982 Queen’s Park By-election (failed) and in the 1983 GE in Pollok (failed) He gave up seeking election to Westminster and then turned his attention to Holyrood standing as a candidate for Eastwood in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 …

Gordon Brown Sets Out His Case For Scotland?s Independence ? I Kid You Not ? ...
              Scotland – The Relatively Good Years – 1880 -1914 Between 1880 and 1914, Scotland’s relative position within the United Kingdom was improving. Before World War One, Scotland was, first of all, one of the high growth and high employment regions of the United Kingdom. In 1913 Scotland’s unemployment …

Lallans Peat Worrier

Lallands Peat Worrier
Cogitations from a Cranachan Cairn

Sewel: no "constitutional safeguard", just a "self-denying ordinance..."
By any reckoning, Richard Keen QC is an uncommonly political lawyer. Former Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, and now the UK government's chief adviser on Scots law, Ruth Davidson appointed him chairman of the Scottish Tories in 2013. While in office, he reportedly summoned the party's MSPs to his "small castle", and subjected them all to a dres...

"A quintessential matter of political judgment for Westminster..."
Last Friday, the Lord Advocate published the Scottish Government's intervention in the ongoing Brexit litigation before the UK Supreme Court. James Wolffe QC weighed in behind the Divisional Court's judgment, arguing that the royal prerogative cannot lawfully be used to trigger Article 50. But Scotland's senior law officer also ranged beyond tha...

"Ane absolute power to Cass, Annull & Dissable -- Contrair to Law..."
Last night, the Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC published the Scottish Government's written intervention in the Article 50 litigation. The case is scheduled to be heard by all eleven of the UK Supreme Court's Justices between the 5th and 8th of December.  It is, as you'd expect, a weighty legal document which you may not find instantly digestible....

Lord Carloway's right to silence
Earlier this year, the Scottish Parliament's Justice Committee launched an inquiry into "the role and purpose of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service," to focus on:"... its core role and examine the effectiveness and efficiency of the COPFS, how well it works with its stakeholders, and the support it provides to witnesses and victims o...

Escaping the Mire
Longstanding readers of this blog know what I think about the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, and the events which led to its introduction. Alex Salmond seized on an Old Firm fracas in 2011, arguing that this so-called "shame game" required special legal measures.Elected with a majority in the Holyrood election of that year, there was no re...

Legally, can Holyrood "block" Brexit?
"100 days on from the referendum and with up to six months until the triggering of Article 50 it is time the government got serious and put our economic interests and membership of the single market at the front of their negotiating plans. With a clear majority in the Scottish Parliament for retaining membership of the single market - expressed ...

19th September, 2014
On the 19th of September 2014, I wrote a piece entitled ?under the low sky.? It is an evocative line ? stolen ? from a book I read years ago about the experience of living in the Netherlands, where the horizon presses down on you, without the thrown elbows of mountains to keep it at bay. But the phrase seemed apt to the slate-grey Glasgow aftern...

A Bill for Criminal Letters
"Criminal Letters" sounds like a pot-boiler crime novel, written by one of Agatha Christie's less talented impersonators.  But in Scots law, this evocative phrase has a more precise meaning. The overwhelming majority of criminal cases in this country are pursued by the Procurator Fiscal, prosecuting individuals in the public interest, under the ...

Gerry Hassan

Gerry Hassan ? writing, research, policy and ideas
writing, research, policy and ideas

Ten Years on the SNP and Scottish nationalism require a different politics fo...
Ten Years on the SNP and Scottish nationalism require a different politics for the future Gerry Hassan Bella Caledonia, March 24th 2017 The SNP have been a breath of fresh air to Scotland. Fifty years ago this year the modern SNP emerged with the talismanic victory of Winnie Ewing at the Hamilton by-election, and Scotland …

When were the Swinging Scottish Sixties?
When were the Swinging Scottish Sixties? Gerry Hassan Scottish Review, March 22nd 2017 The 1960s are referenced throughout the world as a period of immense change, hope, protest and turbulence. There were ?the winds of change? of decolonisation, Latin American revolts and rebellions, the Chinese cultural revolution, upsurges in Paris and Prague, Biafra, the disastrous …

An Open Letter to the SNP and Independence Supporters
An Open Letter to the SNP and Independence Supporters Gerry Hassan Bella Caledonia, March 17th 2017 These are fast moving political times for Scotland. The events of the last week illustrate the accelerated fragmentation and disintegration of the UK as we know it. But these are also times of high stakes and stand-offs, with the …

Indyref2 is coming but can we do better than two versions of Little Britain?
Indyref2 is coming but can we do better than two versions of Little Britain? Gerry Hassan Scottish Review, March 15th 2016 The ides of March 2017. One single day – Monday March 13th – will go down as an epic day in the fragmentation of the United Kingdom. The Brexit Bill passed through all its …

Nationalism ? Scottish or British ? is never enough. It always says: ?We are ...
Nationalism ? Scottish or British ? is never enough. It always says: ?We are the Good Guys? Gerry Hassan Scottish Review, March 8th 2017 Nationalism is one of the defining features of Scotland and modern Scotland. Last week UK Prime Minister Theresa May came north to the Scottish Tory conference in Glasgow, asking the Scots …

The Long Suicide of Scottish and British Labour Hurts Us All
The Long Suicide of Scottish and British Labour Hurts Us All Gerry Hassan Scottish Review, March 1st 2017 Political parties rise and fall. They have no permanent right to a lease on the terrain they occupy and the voters they appeal to. Scottish politics has seen the decline of many once powerful forces – the …

Prisoners of the Past: Tony Blair, Trump and Frank Sinatra?s Rat Pack
Prisoners of the Past: Tony Blair, Trump and Frank Sinatra?s Rat Pack Gerry Hassan Scottish Review, February 22nd 2017 The past is a powerful force and that is even more true in the strange times we are living in. Take the waves of reaction and revulsion emerging last week after Tony Blair came back from …

The Day Britain Died: Brexit, Trump and Scottish Independence
The Day Britain Died: Brexit, Trump and Scottish Independence Gerry Hassan Scottish Review, February 15th 2017 Last week a Rubicon was crossed as the House of Commons voted 494 to 122 ? a government majority of 372 – to give a third reading to triggering Article 50. Just as seriously on the same day – …

Scotland and Independence

scotland independence -guardian - Google News
Google News

Exclusive: Saving the Union from Scottish independence put at the ... - Teleg...

Green Left Weekly
Exclusive: Saving the Union from Scottish independence put at the ...
A Whitehall shake-up is underway to make sure that saving the Union from Scottish independence is at the heart of Brexit negotiations.
With new referendum push, Scotland needs a radical Yes campaign ...Green Left Weekly
Salmond's economist turns on SturgeonThe Times (subscription)
'Time to choose b...

Scottish independence might hurt defense industry more than Brexit - DefenseN...
Scottish independence might hurt defense industry more than Brexit
While the timing of any new referendum remains uncertain, and it's possible it may never take place at all, senior defense sector figures here are already warning the impact of Scottish independence would likely be far more damaging than Britain's ...
Scottish independence referendum debate to resume ...

Flimsy reasons for another Scottish independence vote - The Courier

The Courier
Flimsy reasons for another Scottish independence vote
The Courier
Today, barring a very unlikely rebellion in SNP ranks, the Scottish Parliament will vote by a narrow margin for a second independence referendum. The Nationalists will bolster their slim majority with the Yes men and women on the Green benches and ...
Scottish independence would hit the poorest the hardestNew Statesman

Scotland set to demand second independence referendum - Local 10

Local 10
Scotland set to demand second independence referendum
Local 10
LONDON (CNN) - Scotland's lawmakers are set to demand a second independence referendum when they vote Wednesday on the country's future after Brexit. With just a week to go until British Prime Minister Theresa May triggers Article 50 and allows for ...

Scottish Independence Can Wait - New York Times

New York Times
Scottish Independence Can Wait
New York Times
Negotiations will determine the relations Britain will have with the Continent after the formal parting. Ms. Sturgeon, who heads a minority government in Scotland, would like an independence referendum sometime in the last months of negotiations ...
A second Scottish independence referendum is never going to happenThe Independent
A second ...

Scotland's independence vote will complicate Brexit in some very interesting ...

Washington Post
Scotland's independence vote will complicate Brexit in some very interesting ways
Washington Post
She announced that she is introducing a vote to the Scottish Parliament for a second Scottish Independence referendum. Sturgeon anticipates holding the vote sometime between autumn 2018 and spring of 2019. Here's what you need to know. The vote is ...
Scottish independence: Referendum d...

Scottish independence debate halted after Westminster attack - ITV News

ITV News
Scottish independence debate halted after Westminster attack
ITV News
A debate on whether to call for a second Scottish independence referendum has been suspended at Holyrood after a major terrorist incident at the Houses of Parliament. MSPs were due to vote following the second day of debate on First Minister Nicola ...
AFP : Scottish independence debate suspended over London attackFocus ...

JK Rowling better placed to lead campaign against Scottish independence than ...
JK Rowling better placed to lead campaign against Scottish independence than Jeremy Corbyn, poll finds
JK Rowling is better placed to lead the campaign against Scottish independence than Jeremy Corbyn, a poll of 2,000 voters for The Telegraph has found. Twice as many people said the Harry Potter author should lead the pro-UK campaign than the current ...
Labour must ...


SNP - Google News
Google News

Independence 'would trigger a fiscal challenge' - The Times (subscription)

Independence 'would trigger a fiscal challenge'
The Times (subscription)
A proposal by the SNP for tackling Scotland's multibillion-pound budget deficit in the event of independence has been described as ?implausible? by a leading economist. Warwick Lightfoot from the Policy Exchange, a right-of-centre think tank, warns ...

Salmond's economist turns on Sturgeon - The Times (subscription)

Salmond's economist turns on Sturgeon
The Times (subscription)
In a blow for the first minister, who is seeking a second referendum after Scotland voted against Brexit, Sir George Mathewson said he had some sympathy with former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars, who will refuse to back independence if it means ...

Death threat letter for ex-cop friend of SNP activist Willie McRae - Express....
Death threat letter for ex-cop friend of SNP activist Willie McRae
Death threat letter for ex-cop friend of SNP activist Willie McRae. A RETIRED policeman who was the last known person to see SNP activist Willie McRae alive has received a death threat. By Paula Murray - Exclusive. PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sun, ...

Civil servant working to ensure UK stays together is moved to Brexit departme...

Civil servant working to ensure UK stays together is moved to Brexit department
News & Star
A total of 62% of Scottish voters backed staying in the EU in the referendum, and the SNP manifesto for last year's Holyrood elections made clear another ballot on independence should take place if there were a "material change in circumstances" from ...

City's depute provost fails to make SNP list - Highland News

Highland News
City's depute provost fails to make SNP list
Highland News
A SENIOR city councillor hopes to continue the "greatest privilege" of representing her community despite losing out in the SNP's selection process. Depute Inverness provost Jean Slater, who has served the Inverness Ness-side ward since 2012, has ...

City's depute provost fails to make SNP list - Inverness Courier

City's depute provost fails to make SNP list
Inverness Courier
A SENIOR city councillor hopes to continue the "greatest privilege" of representing her community despite losing out in the SNP's selection process. Depute Inverness provost Jean Slater, who has served the Inverness Ness-side ward since 2012, has ...

'Time to choose between Brexit & decades of Tory rule or a future controlled ...

Shetland News
'Time to choose between Brexit & decades of Tory rule or a future controlled by ourselves'
Shetland News
Iain Malcolmson. AS THE Scottish Parliament prepares to vote next week on whether to open negotiations with Westminster about a second independence referendum, local SNP member Iain Malcolmson ? who joined the party following the September 2014 ...

Exclusive: Saving the Union from Scottish independence put at the heart of Br...
Exclusive: Saving the Union from Scottish independence put at the heart of Brexit negotiations
Meanwhile ministers are planning to spend more time in Scotland for meetings with business, academic and UK Government figures. And Government figures are reading up on how the SNP was defeated in the 2014 independence referendum in anticipation ...

Referendum (Google News)

scotland referendum -guardian -telegraph - Google News
Google News

With new referendum push, Scotland needs a radical Yes campaign ... - Green L...

Green Left Weekly
With new referendum push, Scotland needs a radical Yes campaign ...
Green Left Weekly
You know how it is when you go to the movies. Sometimes the sequel has a bigger impact than the original. The announcement by Scottish First Minister Nicola ...
Salmond's economist turns on SturgeonThe Times (subscription)
'Time to choose between Brexit & decades of Tory rule or a future controlle...

Scotland independence debate suspended after London attack - CNN

Business Insider
Scotland independence debate suspended after London attack
While the vote in Scotland's Parliament is expected to go in favor of those backing a second independence referendum, only the UK Parliament, which sits in London's Westminster, has the power to sanction one. On Tuesday, Sturgeon, who has championed ...
The Scottish Parliament suspends vote on second independence refere...

Scottish independence referendum debate to resume next Tuesday - BBC News

Scottish independence referendum debate to resume next Tuesday
BBC News
Scotland's political leaders have united at Holyrood to condemn the terror attack at Westminster. Each party used their time at the weekly first minister's questions session to speak out against division and praise the emergency services. Nicola ...
Scottish independence referendum debate to resume on TuesdayReuters
The ...

Ruth Davidson: 'Scots do not want a referendum' - BBC News

BBC News
Ruth Davidson: 'Scots do not want a referendum'
BBC News
The Scottish Conservative leader has said the majority of Scots do not want a second independence referendum. Ruth Davidson told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that Nicola Sturgeon's call for such a vote was "not the will of the Scottish people". She said: ...
Scottish people split over independence referendum before Brexit, poll suggest...

Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon to seek second referendum - BBC News

BBC News
Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon to seek second referendum
BBC News
Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed she will ask for permission to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence. Ms Sturgeon said she wanted a vote to be held between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of the following year. That would coincide with the ...
Scottish independence: Referendum demand 'will be rejected'BBC...

Scotland's papers: Holiday laptop ban and referendum row - BBC News

BBC News
Scotland's papers: Holiday laptop ban and referendum row
BBC News
Meanwhile, The Herald leads with a report that one of Scotland's leading businessmen has said he will withhold investment in the country until uncertainty caused by a second independence referendum has cleared. It said Alasdair Locke, the chairman of ...

Even this former 'yes' voter doesn't want a second Scottish ... -
Even this former 'yes' voter doesn't want a second Scottish ...
A 'YES' voter for Scottish independence claimed she cannot stomach a second referendum so soon, stating the electorate has been ?bombarded? and needs a ...

Will there be a second Scottish Independence referendum, when will Nicola Stu...

The Sun
Will there be a second Scottish Independence referendum, when will Nicola Sturgeon demand IndyRef2 and what ...
The Sun
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed she will request to hold a second referendum on Monday, March 13. The Scottish leader wants the vote to be held between Autumn 2018 and spring the following year. She will ask the Scottish Parliament next ...
Pound sterling remains ...

Pie and Bovril forum

The Politics Forum Latest Topics
The Politics Forum Latest Topics

Dedicating this thread to all that's too do with the United Kingdom Independence Party. I don't in anyway support them but I don't think we can write them off as a diddy party like the greens. As well as this they have won one of the 6 EU seats in Scotland and have also found there way into West...

The No campaign
Following yesterdays announcement, we saw a swift call to arms from media outlets and Unionist politicians to crank up project fear, but what shape will the official NO campaign look like this time around? Surely Labour aren't THAT stupid to form a Better Together Mk2? Who will lead the campaign...

The Official President Trump thread

Martin McGuinness resigns, Stormont in chaos
Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has resigned as Deputy First Minister in protest at the NI Executives handling of a fuel reimbursement scheme. The scheme, begun under now FM Arlene Foster during her time as enterprise minister to encourage renewable energy use, had massive flaws in its ex...

SNP MP's "chilling attack" on Catholic schools  A SENIOR SNP MP has been recorded outlining plans for the piecemeal eradication of Catholic schools in Scotland. The remarks by Tommy Sheppard, MP for Edinburgh East,...

When will indyref2 happen?
Not when you would like it to happen, but when do you believe indyref2 will happen?

Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.
Let's face it, this Tory Govt has no intent on pulling out of EU. It will go on and on and on until lie of land changes!

British Nationalist Media Hysteria re #ScotRef
As posted elsewhere the lunatic fringe of the Unionist Media are back with a bang. As it should be a sideshow to the wider debate around independence perhaps it's best to confine their drivel to one thread where it can be discussed and debunked. It's barely been two days since the announc...

Tartan Army Message Board (often features political threads)

Anything Goes - Discussion of anything not covered above Latest Topics
Anything Goes - Discussion of anything not covered above Latest Topics

Question Time Tonight
From Kelso The panel includes Labour's shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry MP, the Scottish government's finance secretary John Swinney MSP, Conservative chairman of the defence select committee Rory Stewart MP, Scotsman columnist Lesley Riddoch and editor-at-large of the Independent on Sund...

Is Donald Trump's Campaign A Spoof?

National Embarrassments
This morning on Yank tv there was an hour long special on one of the main breakfast shows about everything Scottish. They had that Weegie walloper Des Clarke on for some reason. What an embarrassment he is. Cringeworthy.  Which other celebs embarrass you on tv, radio, sport, etc? 

Westminster Attack ?
Reports of shots fired. Lockdown.

2017 movie thread
seen "hell or high water" the other day modern cowboy/heist film  excellent throughout  Ben Foster had been good in everything iv ever seen him in very underrated actor

Comic Relief
So, to sum up what the general opinion of most of it will be on here.  James Corden - ##### Take That - pricks French and Saunders - pricks Joe Lycett - ##### Mickley Thomas - ##### Scot Mills - ##### Peter Kay - fat ##### Jonny Vegas - fatter ##### Lenny Henry...

Indy Ref 2
Since no-one's started the thread... A lot of former No voters including some pretty prominant activists, politicians and commentators either coming out for Yes or softening their position - even Chris Deerin saying today that he's not saying that he would vote Yes but that he couldn't say th...

2017 running thread
So, what does everyone have planned for the year ahead? So far, I'm in for the following: 22nd Jan - Westhill Duathlon 25th Feb - National XC  22nd Apr - Balmoral 10k 21st May - Stirling Scottish Marathon 27th Aug - Great Aberdeen Half Marathon 24th Sep - Loch Ness Mar...

Holyrood Magazine


Home Secretary Amber Rudd says intelligence failure did not cause Westminster...

Marine Conservation Society calls for ban on release of sky lanterns and ball...

Scottish Government launches consultation on land use engagement

Pay offer for doctors and nurses is ?real-terms cut?

Lord Dubs: Sadiq Khan was wrong about Scottish nationalism

Sketch: The SNP conference sees dreams of a nation reborn

PC Keith Palmer died a hero - a human shield protecting against an attack on ...

Jean-Claude Juncker: Britain must pay bill to leave the European Union

Independence Live

The Independence Live Blog
We are citizen livestreamers. People like you are us.

Macwhirter: ?decision time? as Brexit points to much ?tighter controlled? and...
Iain Macwhirter tells it’s ?decision time”! recently sat down with political commentator for the Herald and Sunday Herald, Iain Macwhirter, to talk about what Brexit means for Scotland. We asked Macwhirter about his recent article on the Lord?s ruling of a possible Scottish veto of Westminster?s Brexit process and triggering of Article 50 ...

Should Scotland?s MPs walk out of UK Parliament?
If Scotland?s democratically elected politicians are deliberately gagged in the UK Parliament then there is no Union. Last night that is exactly what transpired, as the Deputy Chair blocked the SNP?s Joanna Cherry from speaking in the vital Brexit debate, instead inviting the Brexit Minister Robin Walker to speak, who arrogantly and wrongly declared, ?We ...

Brexit, Hannah Bardell and Trainspotting
MP?s have once again followed parliamentary tradition, ignored available efficiencies of the digital age and traipsed through the Aye and No division lobbies.  This time, the regressive outcome is the European Union Bill (Brexit Bill) passing it?s first HoC debating stage.  498 of our parliamentary representatives voted for the UK to become an isolationist backwater and ...

Basic income ? real social security
Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland (CBINS) launch event in Kelty, Fife Fife Council is embarking on a pilot study to test out the concept of a Citizen’s Basic Income (CBI) and this was a public engagement meeting to gather citizens’ input at the start of that process along with keynote speakers from academia, political parties ...

Scotland Not Consulted Only Insulted
England?s supreme court has ruled that it is not Scotland?s concern what the UK parliament does. Legally we are nothing. We don?t exist as a political entity as far as the Supreme Court is concerned. All power, all of it, remains with the London parliament, which is sovereign. Devolution, more powers, federation, home rule, sovereignty, ...

Glasgow The ?Guinea Pig? ? Jobcentre Closures
The Scottish National Party has described the Department for Work and Pensions? plan to close half the Jobcentres in Glasgow as ?morally outrageous? and have raised concerns that the city is being used as the ?guinea pig? for more devastating cuts across the UK. The DWP proposals – part of the ?People and Locations? programme ...

Universal Basic income ? Glasgow
  The second night in a series of events aimed at exploring and discussing a universal basic income in Glasgow. Hosted by Extra Second , the night will consist of speakers from different backgrounds and political ideologies as well as local activist groups and individuals. Speakers include : Jim Sillars from the SNP Cat Boyd ...

Brexit Max ? the shafting
Things we know from the Tory conference. Forget about the single market, migration controls will be severe, the economic consequences will be devastating and you should prepare to suffer. Theresa May and Ruth Davidson have less integrity than a floppy disk on top of a magnet. Ruth clearly takes her orders from London. They both ...